Advertised Planning Permit Applications


Discretionary planning permit applications are made under section 57 of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993. These are applications which Council has the discretion to either approve or refuse based upon compliance with the requirements of the planning scheme.

Discretionary planning permit applications are subject to a mandatory public notification process which includes a 14-day public exhibition period where any person may inspect the application. The details for each application is made available for viewing:

  • in the paranaple centre at 137 Rooke Street, Devonport (plans are displayed on the Ground Floor adjacent to the Customer Service desk); and
  • online via Council’s website (see the below list of permit applications currently on exhibition).

Current discretionary planning permit applications on public exhibition:


PA2020.0024 - 8 Gordon Place Devonport - Residential (dwelling alterations & additions) - Advertising period expires 15 April, 2020 12.48 MB DownloadPreview
PA2020.0044 - 127-129 Steele Street Devonport - Permitted Business and professional services (medical centre) - Discretionary Code E9.5.1 (lesser vehicle parking) - Advertising period expires 22 April, 2020 (1) 14.39 MB DownloadPreview
PA2020.0045 - 108 Nicholls Street Devonport - Residential (outbuilding) - Advertising period expires 22 April, 2020 (1) 11.13 MB DownloadPreview
PA2020.0047 - 167 Steele Street Devonport - Business and professional services (alterations and additions) - Advertising period expires 22 April, 2020 (1) 8.58 MB DownloadPreview
PA2020.0050 - 59 Sorell Street Devonport - Residential (single dwelling extension and outbuilding) (Local Heritage item) - Advertising period expires 22 April 2020 (1) 9.43 MB DownloadPreview
PA2020.0052 - 29 Skyline Drive East Devonport - Residential (single dwelling) - Advertising period expires 22 April, 2020 (1) 9.88 MB DownloadPreview
PA2020.0034 - 2 Paloona Reservoir Road Paloona - Residential (single dwelling) - Advertising period expires 28 April, 2020 7.01 MB DownloadPreview
PA2020.0048 - 128 & 130 Tugrah Road Tugrah - 5 lot subdivision - Advertising period expires 28 April, 2020 1.73 MB DownloadPreview
PA2020.0056 - 4 Kerrie Court Spreyton - Residential (single dwelling - existing extension) - Advertising period expires 28 April, 2020 8.59 MB DownloadPreview

Representations (e.g. written submissions) on discretionary planning permit applications can be made during the public exhibition period and may either be in support of or against what is proposed by the application. You have until the submission closing date specified for each application in which to lodge a representation with Council. Representations received after the close of the public exhibition period cannot be accepted.

Representations can be submitted:

(Please note that representations submitted via email or mail should be addressed to the General Manager and reference the relevant planning permit application number).

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