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Plumbing Permits & Approvals

What you need to know about plumbing approvals

Building Act 2016 and Building Regulations 2016

The Building Act 2016 and Building Regulations 2016 detail the legislative requirements associated with building and plumbing work in Tasmania.

These legislative requirements and associated codes apply to anyone who undertakes plumbing work.

Further information is available at

Plumbing Approval Applications

Prior to any plumbing work commencing the Property Owner is required to submit a Plumbing Application with detailed Plans and Required Documents to the Council. Work cannot commence until the Plumbing Approval has been issued and all associated Application Fees have been paid.

Current Plumbing Fees & Charges can be found here

Required Documents

Please refer to The Directors Specified List here(PDF, 364KB).

If required TasWater issues a Certificate of Certifiable Works a Water and Sewerage Compliance Certificate must be obtained by the owner from Taswater and given to the Council at the completion of the plumbing works to enable Council to issue a Certificate of Completion.

To contact TasWater telephone 136 992 or visit their website.

In most circumstances, plumbing approval is required on all new and existing buildings and outbuildings.  The property owner is responsible for ensuring that a plumbing approval is in place prior to any plumbing work commencing.

A plumbing approval is required for the following:

  • New sewer drain installation including alterations to existing drains
  • New stormwater drain installation including alteration to existing drains
  • New plumbing fixtures including hot and cold water piping installation

Please consult the Guide for Plumbers (PDF, 1MB) to determine the category of plumbing work being undertaken and subsequent approval required.

If you believe a plumbing approval is not required you should seek confirmation from the Council and the Registered Plumber undertaking the project prior to any work commencing.

Please Note – Substantial penalties apply to persons undertaking plumbing work without approval.

Please click below for a list of the current list of Building and Plumbing Fees.

 Consumer, Building & Occupational Services has released new information about the expiration of permits.


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