By managing stormwater we’re protecting water quality on our beaches and in lagoons. We’re working with the community to ensure that only rain goes down the drain.

Stormwater is the rain water that runs off hard surfaces such as roads, footpaths and car parks into our drains, creeks, estuaries, coastal lagoons and finally to the ocean. Stormwater pipes and other infrastructure are designed to efficiently carry stormwater to avoid flooding.

We maintain over 13km of open drains, 210 km of stormwater pipes, 3,250 stormwater manholes, 3,050 stormwater pits, 230 headwalls and three detention basins to manage stormwater runoff and help improve water quality in our waterways.

Stormwater carries pollutants from:

  • chemicals from homes
  • earthworks from developments
  • herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers from gardens
  • leaves and lawn clippings
  • cigarette butts
  • rubbish from roads

This results in poor water quality in our waterways which impacts on our aquatic plants and animals, as well as creeks, rivers and beaches.

The increase in ‘hard surfaces’ in our catchments, along with the stormwater infrastructure which carries water rapidly to avoid flooding, also increases the risk of creek bank erosion during storms.


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