Road Closure Permits

Current Approved Road Closure Permits

This is a complete list of current and planned road closures. To find out more information, click on the title of the road closures below.

Please note that if no listings appear below, it means that there are no current or planned road closures at this time.

Guide to applicants when applying for a Road Closure

The following guide is a reference summary for consideration when planning for a road closure planning and to assist with the application process.

  • Have your undertaken a risk assessment of the planned works to ensure the safety of personnel involved with the road closure is considered?
  • Does the road need to be closed?
  • Can alternative traffic management control be implemented instead the road being closed?
  • Will the road closure have any effect on a major road?
  • Hours that a road closure can apply needs to be considered for example: some location may have peak period traffic flows therefore closing a road should not apply during these times.
  • Consider traffic route restrictions for emergency services.
  • Will the road closure be near other potential road closures that could have a detrimental effect on traffic movement in the general area?
  • Use of Variable Message (VMS) signs may assist to advise public of a planned closure.

Note: The Application Form must be submitted at least THREE WEEKS prior to your proposed event.  

Read through the following guidelines and fill out the online Road Closure Application form.

Traffic Management Plan (TMP)

A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) with all signage marked and listed (i.e. Road Closed Ahead, Detour and any other signage where appropriate) must be designed and approved by a person qualified to do Traffic Management Plans.

Car Park Closures

If you are requesting access to, or closure of a car park, for your event please make sure you nominate the car park in the application form.

Road Closure Signage

You must arrange for the nominated road signage in accordance with AS 1742.3 and detailed in the TMP to be available. The installation and removal of traffic control signage must only be undertaken by suitably qualified persons. You may need to contact an appropriate road signage company to supply, install and remove the signs.

Essential Services

Council will notify essential services of the road closure once the application has been approved.

Letterbox Drop

It is the responsibility of the applicant to notify residents and businesses in the vicinity of the road closure prior to the event being held.  This will be done by a letterbox drop at least two weeks prior to the event.  A copy of the letter distributed must be provided to Council for Council approval prior to being distributed.  You are required to personally visit affected businesses to discuss the event.

Road Closure Advertisement

It is a legal requirement that the road closure be advertised in the local press at least five days prior to the actual closure.

If you intend to advertise your own road closure, Council will require proof of the advertisement being placed.

By agreement Council can place the advertisement on behalf your organisation; however, Council will invoice your organisation to recover the cost of the advertisement. Failure to advertise the road closure, will result in the permnit being withdrawn by Council.

Road Cycle Races and Events

Under Section 49AB of the Police Offences Act 1935 certain activties require a police permit prior to applying for a Council permit.

This includes a:

  • Demonstration;
  • Fundraising drive;
  • Procession;
  • Road cycle race;
  • Road cycle event.

Contact Tasmania Police for more information.

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