Weed Management – No Spray Register

Adequate maintenance of road reserves ensures the control of weeds and prevents the deterioration of public infrastructure such as roads, footpaths, kerb and gutters.

The control of weeks includes the use of chemical herbicides as part of the City’s Weed Control Program.

Property owners may request the City to not undertake spraying on the road reserve in front of or alongside their properties through applying to be listed on the City’s ‘No Spray Register’.

Council generally undertakes weed spraying between August-September, December-January and April-May.

Property owners who apply to be listed on the ‘No Spray Register’, must assume responsibility for the management of weeds on the road reserve in front of or alongside their property.

Applications require the property owner to provide a management plan identifying the method of control for weeds and how regularly the property owner plans to undertake this control.

Applications can be made at any time.