Food Business Requirements

Food safety and hygiene

Food safety and hygiene is an important regulatory function of Council. Devonport City Council is committed to ensuring that businesses that prepare and have foods for public sale and consumption meet the requirements of the Food Act 2003 and all appropriate State and National standards and legislation.

The types of food you handle and where the food will be sold from determine what requirements you must meet under the Food Act 2003.  

All food business operators must do one of the following:

  • Notify their food handling activities to the Council; or
  • Register their food handling activities with the Council.


Food Business Notification only needs to be done once (as opposed to annually), and only needs to be completed again if you alter the types of food you handle. There is no charge for Notification and it is valid throughout the whole of Tasmania if your business is operated from a mobile structure (like a tent/stall or mobile food van).

Examples of food businesses generally required to notify their activities include:

· Bottle shops

· Petrol stations selling soft drinks

· Chemists and newsagents selling lollies

· Green grocers selling uncut fruits and vegetables


Food Business Registration (and subsequent Renewal) is valid for a maximum of 12 months (although Council does offer shorter registration terms). The fee required for registration varies depending on the length of registration and the level of risk in your food handling activities. Click here to view the Council’s current fee structure. Registration can be made valid throughout the whole of Tasmania if your business is operated from a mobile structure (like a tent/stall or mobile food van) and satisfies the requirements of the Guidelines for Mobile Food Businesses.

Examples of food businesses generally required to register their activities include:

· Restaurants

· Cafes

· Fundraising BBQs/sausage sizzles

· Coffee vans

· Home baking business (cakes, slices, etc.)

To find out whether you need to notify or register your business, contact the Council’s Environmental Health Team on (03) 6424 0511.

Once you have discussed your business activities with our Environmental Health Team, you can notify, register or renew your food business by clicking below.

Due to the impact COVID-19 has had on the hospitality industry, Council determined to waiver the fees for food business registration for the 2020/21 financial year. This means, for existing Devonport food businesses, when you re-register your food business in November 2020 you will not be required to pay a fee.

Council will be sending out renewal notices and businesses will be emailed a link to complete the food business renewal application online.

Find more details on the business registration and licence extensions here.

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