Current Works and Projects

Capital Works Program 2020 – 2021

The Devonport City Council has announced a capital expenditure program of more than $25 million as  part of its 2020-2021 Budget.

A total of $15.56 million has been allocated for new capital works, in addition to over $10 million in works funded in the current Budget which will be carried forward into the 20/21 financial year.

The LIVING CITY Waterfront Parkland project will account for almost half of the new planned capital expenditure, with Council contributing 25 per cent of the allocated $8 million and the remainder coming from promised Federal funding.

Download your copy of Council’s Forward Capital Works Program below.

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Forward Capital Works Program 2020-2025 (year one)

Current Works and Projects

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Please note some dates may change due to weather conditions and changes to the works program.

For more information about any of the works listed below please contact Customer Service on 03 6424 0511.

STORM 298 Bellamy road stormwater improvements

298 Bellamy Road stormwater improvements

The project involves construction of new headwalls both upstream and downstream and extend the pipe downstream.

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Art Acquisition Biennial

Art Acquisition – Biennial

The acquisition budget assists the Gallery develop its Permanent Collection of contemporary Tasmanian art, with all acquisition requests being endorsed by the Devonport Regional Gallery Advisory Board.

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1920POSBluff Beach Accessible Ramp

Bluff Beach Accessible Ramp

A preliminary investigation has identified that a new ramp could be constructed to the east side of the Bluff Plaza.  However, specialist advice would be sought as part of the design.  The new ramp may be constructed of lightweight materials similar to the access ramp in East Devonport.

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POS Bluff Headland Handrail replacement and extension1

Bluff Headland – Handrail replacement and extension

The southern part of the path has a handrail, but a risk assessment has recommended that the handrail be extended to reduce the risk of falls. In addition, the existing handrail is approaching end of life and should be renewed at the same time.

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TRANS Bridge road pavement renewal1

Bridge road pavement renewal

The pavement, seal and kerb assets are in poor condition and require renewal. This is a critical transport asset on the road link between the Bass Strait ferry terminal and the CBD

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STORM Church street pipe upgrade

Church Street Stormwater Catchment Upgrade

The aim is to increase capacity of the existing system through the construction of existing stormwater lines in Church Street. It is proposed to upgrade the line including installation of new manholes and detention basin.

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Coastal Pathway Contribution – Part 1 2 Ambleside to Latrobe

Coastal Pathway Contribution – Part 2

Council has committed $1.6 million over the next two financial years to the Coastal Pathway. It anticipated that Council’s contribution in 2020/21 will go toward the design and construction of the Ambleside-Latrobe section and the design of the Don-Leith section.

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Devonport Football Club changerooms upgrade

The project involves the construction of new changeroom facilities to encourage the involvement of more women in the sport.

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TRANS Devonport road reconstruction – McLeod Avenue to saleyard road

Devonport Road reconstruction – McLeod Avenue to Saleyard Road

Devonport Road is an arterial road with 6500 vehicles per day with 13% heavy vehicles. The best course of action is full replacement with the pavement and seal designed for current and future demand.

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POS Don Resere Playground 2 2

Don Reserve – Playground Renewal

This playground was installed in 1997 and is far beyond its nominal useful life of 10 years. 

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