Native Plants & Trees

Within natural vegetation communities, there are a diverse range of plants native to Devonport, some of which are protected by State and Federal legislation.

Native plants include grasses, ground covers, lilies, herbs, climbers, shrubs and trees. Many are drought tolerant and even have showy flowers. This makes many suitable for planting in residential gardens.

When purchasing indigenous plants, it is important to purchase those which have been grown from locally sourced parent material (seed, cuttings, etc). This is because locally sourced parent material has evolved to suit local conditions, and by introducing plants from other areas, the unique gene pool of local flora may be threatened.

There are a number of nurseries located within or close to the municipality specialising in indigenous plants, and which sell plants from locally sourced parent material.

Nurseries which may supply native plants:

  • Habitat Nursery, 240 Jones Road, Liffey, (03) 6397 3400
  • Redbreast Nurseries, 242 Robin Hill Road, Flowerdale, (03) 6442 4833
  • Riverview Nursery, 31 Forth Road, Don, (03) 6424 5847
  • Taz Wild Plants, Bonneys Plains, Conara, (03) 6384 2165
  • The Big Pot Nursery, 1032 Melrose Road, Melrose, (03) 6492 3216

Native Plants in the Devonport area

Baeckea ramosissima, BaeckeaCarpobrotus rossii, Native pigface
Callistemon pallidus, Lemon bottlebrushChrysocephalum apiculatum, Common everlasting
Coprosma hirtella, Coffee berryKennedia prostata, Scarlet coral pea
Correa alba, White correaViola hederacea, Violet
Correa reflexa, Native fuchsiaTrees
Daviesia latifolia, Hop bitter peaAcacia melanoxylon, Blackwood
Dodonaea viscosa, Hop bushAllocasuarina littoralis, Black sheoak
Epacris impressa, Common heathAllocasuarina verticillata, Dropping sheoak
Indigofera australis, Native indigoBanksia marginata, Silver banksia
Leptospemum scoparium, ManukaBursaria spinosa, Prickly Box
Leucopogon parviflorus, Currant bushEucalyptus amygdalia, Black peppermint
Lomatia tinctoria, Guitar plantMelaleuca ericifolia, Swamp paperbark
Myoporum insulare, Common boobiallaGrasses/Flax
Notelaea ligustrina, Native oliveAustrodanthonia caespitose, Wallaby grass
Olearia lirata, Dusty daisy bushDianella tasmancia, Flax lily
Oxylobium ellipticum, Golden rosemaryLomandra longfolia, Sagg
Pimelia linifolia, Rice flowerPoa labillardierei, Tussock grass
Pittosporum bicolour, CheesewoodThemeda triandra, Kangaroo grass
Pomaderris apetala, DogwoodClimbers
Pomaderris elliptica, Yellow dogwoodBillardiera longiflora, Climbing blue berry
Tasmannia lanceolata, Native pepperClematis aristata, Climbing clematis
Blechnum nudum, Fishbone water fernBulbine bulbosa, Bulbine lily
Blenchum wattsii, Hard water fernHibbertia procumbens, Spreading guinea flower
Dicksonia antarctica, Soft tree fernStackhousia monogyna, Candles
Polystichum proliferum, Mothershield fernStylidium graminifolium, Trigger plant

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