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Contractor Online Induction

Contractor Online Induction Requirements

Devonport City Council has a legal obligation to ensure that people and the natural environment are not exposed to hazards or damage and that a safe workplace is provided for all workers.

All contractors and suppliers working for Council or on Council controlled work sites shall meet the requirements of their own policies, procedures and all other relevant work, health, safety and environmental legislation.

This online contractor induction is provided as a general guide and will assist you in setting a standard for safe work and minimising risk.

If you have any remaining questions at the end of the induction, please ask your Council contact person or Council’s Safety Officer.

Online Contractor Induction – 3 Step Process

  1. Complete the online induction modules assigned to you (using the registration code: dcc_c).
  2. Print out the certificate at the end of the induction
  3. Bring the certificate with you prior to the commencement of works.

Start the Contractor Online Induction
For further assistance please refer to the Guide attached below.

Should you have any questions regarding this induction please email Michael Dunn.