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About Devonport Council


Devonport will be a thriving and welcoming regional City living lightly by river and sea.

  • Strong, thriving and welcoming – Devonport is a regional leader with a strong economy.  It is a great place to live, work and play.
  • Valuing the past, caring for the present, embracing the future – We have been shaped by a rich cultural heritage and enthusiastically embrace present challenges and future opportunities.
  • Engaging with the world – We have an outward focus and send quality products and experiences to the world.  We welcome all to share our beautiful City and all it offers.
  • Living lightly by river and sea – We live lightly on our valued natural environment of clean rivers, waterways, beaches; rich agricultural land and coastal landscapes, so future generations can also enjoy this special place.


Devonport City Council is a values-based organisation. Values are the underlying attitudes that consistently affect all of our actions and decision-making processes.

We aim to make these values consistent across the entire organisation.

  • Dedication to our customers and community – We are driven to understand the needs of our customers so we can connect them to the right solutions.
  • Champion and respect one another – We respect and cheer on one another working together to serve the community.
  • Pioneer positive improvement – We chase innovation and improvement, so we can keep getting better.


A commitment to excellence in leadership and service.