Pets & Animals

Don Reserve dog park Kelly Slater

Animal Exercise Areas

Council has four designated areas to exercise your dog off leash at any time of the day, including swimming areas. The law requires that your …

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dog control is necessary to protect the public

Dangerous and Restricted Animals

Dangerous Dogs If a dog has caused or is likely to cause serious injury to a person or animal then council may declare the dog …

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dog owner faqs

FAQs for Dog Owners

If you have questions, we have answers. The following list is a compilation of  the most Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Ownership in Devonport How …

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farm animal

Farm Animals

Devonport City Council has no by-laws at present regarding the prohibition of keeping farm animals. All animals should be well housed and not be a …

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kennel license

Kennel Licencing

Under the Dog Control Act 2000 you are required to apply for a Kennel Licence if you intend to keep: More than two dogs over …

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lost dog

Lost or Found Animals

Lost Your Dog? Dogs which are picked up by the Council’s Animal Control Officers will be taken back to their place of residence, as long …

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nuisance dog

Nuisance animals

What you can do about nuisance animals Council can assist residents if they have issues with nuisance animals, this includes smell or noise. Should you …

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pet owner responsibility

Pet Owner Responsibilities

Your Responsibilities With Regard to Pets Pets are an important aspect to many parts of the community, however as a pet owner you have an …

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Registering Your Dog

Dogs are required to be registered with Council once they are six (6) months old. The easiest way to register your new dog is to …

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