dog exercise area

Animal Exercise Areas

Council has three designated areas to exercise your dog off leash at any time of the day, including swimming areas. The law requires that your …

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Bike Riding in Devonport

Devonport City Council is committed to making bike riding more accessible and safer for everyone.  We do this through maintaining a network of bike lanes …

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information about waste removal for Devonport City

Bin Collection Day Map

Check your household waste collection day using the map below. Clicking on the icon at top left on the map to display the legend.Drag the …

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Devonport City Council takes great pride in welcoming people from around the world who become Australian citizens. The Department of Home Affairs oversees citizenship applications.  Please …

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Concession Parking

If you’re a Devonport resident receiving an aged, service or disability pension and also the registered owner of a vehicle, you are entitled to a …

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Cradle Coast Waste Management Group

The Cradle Coast Waste Management Group (CCWMG) represents north west Tasmanian municipal areas participating in the voluntary waste levy.  There are five landfills and ten …

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dog control is necessary to protect the public

Dangerous and Restricted Animals

Dangerous Dogs If a dog has caused or is likely to cause serious injury to a person or animal then council may declare the dog …

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Devonport History

Devonport History Early explorers and settlers to Tasmanian tended to bypass the Mersey River, as it was blocked by a sandbar and the banks were …

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Disability Parking

Holders of Disabled Parking Permits are entitled to increased parking time-frames, when the permit holder is leaving the vehicle and the permit is correctly displayed …

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FAQs for Dog Owners

If you have questions, we have answers. The following list is a compilation of  the most Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Ownership in Devonport How …

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