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TIAGARRA is one of the oldest Aboriginal operated Museum and Keeping Places in Australia.

Officially opened 40 years ago, on 16 October 1976 by Sir Doug Nicholls OBE and Lady Nicholls, the museum tells stories of Tasmanian Aboriginal people and their culture, past to present.

Since its opening thousands of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, including many school groups, have been guided through the museum and adjacent bluff bush trail.

The original people of the northern Tasmanian region included the Punnilerpanner people from around Panatana (Port Sorell), the Pallittorre from Lartitickitheker (Quamby Bluff), the Noeteeler at Ningherner or Parteenno (Hampshire Hills) and the Plairhekehillerplue at Emu Bluff. The Tasmanian North West Region is known as Tommeginne Country (according to the AIATSIS map created 1996). 

The local Aboriginal organisation is Six Rivers Aboriginal Corporation.

TIAGARRA is owned by the Aboriginal community and currently open by appointment, for school and group tours of 10+ people. To book a Tiagarra Tasmanian Aboriginal cultural tour please contact Six Rivers Corporation, via the Tiagarra website:
Or email: [email protected]

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