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Visitor Accommodation

Short Stay Accommodation (Visitor Accommodation)

Changes to the planning and building requirements governing Airbnb and other short stay visitor accommodation are now a state wide directive. Information can be found on the State Government’s Planning Reform website.

In June 2019 the State Government introduced the Short Stay Accommodation Act 2019. (SSA) The purpose of the SSA is to ensure that owners and occupiers are compliant in regards to planning requirements for short stay accommodation.

In this regard the zoning of your land under the planning scheme will determine if a planning permit is required.   

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Generally Short Stay Accommodation means a habitable building that is let out to paying guests for overnight accommodation usually while people are on holiday.  

It can include very short periods of 1 or 2 nights to a number of weeks but is not a premises requiring a tenancy agreement. It does not apply to hotels, motels or caravan parks. 

The SSA provider may choose their own booking platform for eg.  Airbnb, HomeAway and Stayz etc.

The following site can assist otherwise phone the Council planning department.

Tasmanian planning scheme – Tasmanian Planning Commission Website and click on Zoning Map and enter your address into the search bar to navigate to your property before clicking on the pin drop.

If your property is zoned in a residential zone –  General residential or Rural living, the following FAQ’s apply. 

You do not need permission at all if you want to let out your entire home (this includes your strata unit/apartment) while you are away on holiday.

You also do not need any permission if you stay home as the host however no more than 4 bedrooms can be utilised.

A planning permit is required and will be granted if less than 200m2 of floor area is used for short stay accommodation.

(This is nearly a 22 square house and is representative of most of the houses in suburban Devonport)

The State Government has capped this once only application fee at $250

If you do not live there and the strata unit is part of a unit complex the Body Corporate needs to be informed and a discretionary planning permit will be required.

This process includes a public exhibition process and the merits will be tested against the existing neighbourhood amenity.

This attracts a once off planning application fee of $655. This includes a newspaper advertising fee.

There is no guarantee that this application will be approved.

You do not need permission if the granny flat/ancillary dwelling has been approved for that purpose and you live in the main house but only 4 bedrooms in combination can be used.

Yes, the usual building plumbing and planning requirements apply to new development for a habitable building.

The key here is to consider the building classification change from non-habitable to habitable.

This needs to be discussed with a Building Surveyor and if you are comfortable with the building and plumbing requirements then no permission is required.

But only if you live on site and no more than 4 bedrooms are used for accommodation.

You do not need planning permission if you live in the house and don’t use more than 4 bedrooms, however there will be plumbing requirements.

Potentially yes if the income for short stay accommodation exceeds the comparative income from a longer term rental of the property.

Discuss your proposal with your insurer sooner rather than later. A Policy similar to a Landlord Insurance Policy may be required. This generally attracts a higher premium.