Mersey Main Road Stadium Crossing

Existing refuge island is inadequate to protect vulnerable road users as they attempt to cross busy Mersey Main Road against a peak traffic volume of 14,000 vehicle per day.

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Mersey Vale Memorial Garden – Ash Interment Columns

Reservations and interments in this area is popular and additional pillars are required to meet demand for ash interments. In previous stages, many niches have been reserved as soon as construction is completed.

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Mersey Vale Memorial Park – Signage Upgrade

The Mersey Vale Lawn Cemetery has burial plots spanning over 11 hectares with multiple zones that are not all identified in sequence and this can make it difficult for visitors to navigate. 

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Minor Stormwater Works Program

This allocation is required to address low cost items that are identified throughout the year that do not meet the threshold to manage as stand-alone capital projects.

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Netball courts resurfacing and drainage

The two courts closest to Mersey Main Road have surface failure that is consistent with an underlying pavement issue. The condition of the courts has deteriorated and are likely to become a hazard to players in the next one to two years.

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Oldaker (East) catchment upgrade – stage 2

There is a risk from flooding to people and property in this catchment.  Delivering the second stage of the project as part of the development of the Waterfront Park will ensure value for money and reduce the risk of flooding of the redeveloped area.

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Oldaker Street Footpath Renewal – West of Rooke Street, South Side

The existing footpath has very poor compliance with the Pedestrian Strategy criteria and is in a very high walkability area. 

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Path renewal Don Reserve – Nicholls St to James St

The path condition warrants renewal as the edges are breaking away, has uneven surfaces from tree root damage and other defects. It is also narrower than adjacent sections. This path has very high use by both pedestrians and cyclists

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Pipe Renewal – 23 Steele St

This allocation is required for renewal of a damaged line.

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Pit Replacement Program

 This allocation is required for replacement of stormwater pits where a need is demonstrated.

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