Public Interest Disclosures

Devonport City Council is committed to the aims and objectives of the Public Interest Disclosures Act 2002 (the Act).  To support transparency and accountability in its administration and operation, Council facilitates and encourages the making of disclosures that relate to corrupt conduct, substantial mismanagement of public resources, substantial risk to public health and safety or the environment, through adherence to the Act. 

Council does not tolerate improper or corrupt conduct by its employees, officers or members, or the taking of detrimental action against those who come forward to disclose such conduct. 

All reasonable steps will be taken to protect people who make disclosure from any detrimental action in reprisal for their making of such disclosure, and Council are committed to the affording of natural justice to all parties involved in investigating disclosures. 

Devonport City Council implements the Act in accordance with the Public Interest Disclosures Model Procedures, which have been developed in consultation with the Ombudsman, which provide a system for reporting and investigating disclosures relating to improper or corrupt conduct. 

Please refer to the Public Interest Disclosures Model Procedures Manual attached below for further information: 

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Public Interest Disclosures Model Procedures Manual


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