PORTAL 2023: Community Photography Project & Exhibition


PORTAL 2023: Community Photography Project & Exhibition

The Devonport Regional Gallery is calling for the public to register to participate in the annual Portal community exhibition, which this time asks what Spring on the North-West coast looks like. 

Capture a photograph with your camera or device on the Spring Equinox September 23, and join us in creating a portal into the array of experiences that make up life on the North-West Coast of Tasmania during a single Spring day. 

Since its inception in 2013, the Portal exhibition has consistently provided community members with a captivating window into each other’s lives, fostering connections through their shared experiences. 

“Through this exhibition, a sense of community, belonging, and identity is fostered within our North-West community,” Convention and Arts Manager Geoff Dobson said,  

Portal reflects how we find ourselves mirrored in one another’s narratives, contributing collectively to our understanding of this place.” 

“The Spring Equinox is a magical time when day and night are near equal length. It signals the beginning of spring as nature wakes from its the winter slumber”, Creative Learning and Public Programs Officer Bernadette Neeling said. 

“We hope that the choice of capture date will give us a window into the moments and personal rituals on the Spring Equinox in Devonport. We imagine flower shows, outdoor sports, gardening, picnics and cute baby animals.” 

Community members are encouraged to share a moment from their day and send in photos taken on the North-West on 23 September.

A selection of photographs will be shown in the paranaple arts centre foyer gallery space between the 27 October and the 25 November 2023. 

To enter: 

Email [email protected]u to register for a reminder before Thursday 21 September 2023 or send in your photograph by Monday 9 October 2023.