This is Us: The Future


This is Us: The Future

This is Us: The Future, an exhibition of artwork by Primary School students from around the Devonport area opens on Saturday 23 September.

This is the first time Primary School students have been invited to share their thoughts and creativity in the annual This is Us exhibition, which has previously invited secondary students to share their works responding to a variety of concepts.
In answering the question ‘who are we and what are our dreams for the future?’ the young artists delve into concepts including sustainability, identity, place, and art to make positive change.

“The exhibition gives us an opportunity to reflect on who we are and who we can be, as seen by our youngest artists,” Convention and Arts Manager Geoff Dobson said.

“Students across Devonport have been very excited to work towards this exhibition, and their works show the playful and serious ways they look at the future.”

The artworks by hundreds of local students were made in a range of media including drawing, painting, collage, linocut, papier mâché, reclaimed material sculpture and nature college.

“Visitors can expect to see powerful comments on sustainability, mutant trees and lawnmowing robots,” Mr Dobson said.

Students from the following schools have contributed to the exhibition:
Devonport Christian School, Devonport Primary School, East Devonport Primary School, Hillcrest Primary School, Nixon Street Primary School, Spreyton Primary School and the North West Support School.

Exhibition Dates: 23 September – 28 October 2023.

For more information, visit: This is Us 2023: The Future – Primary Schools Exhibition – Paranaple Arts Centre