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Major and minor grants

Resilient and inclusive communities

Council values engaged, resilient and inclusive communities that embrace diversity.

The Community Major and Minor Grants Program supports community organisations to deliver one-off projects, events and activities that enhance the liveability, health and wellbeing of the Devonport community.

There are two grant rounds each year.  Applications will be advised of the outcome 5-6 weeks after applications close.

Who can apply?

Any not for profit community organisations or association that is legally constituted as an incorporated body or under the auspice of one, that:

  • Operate within the Devonport local government area or can demonstrate the project or program will benefit residents of the Devonport local government area
  • Have appropriate public liability insurance
  • Have no debt to Council or have entered into scheduled payment arrangements with Council which are being met
  • Have met acquittal conditions for previous Council grants

Who cannot apply?

Applications cannot be made by:

  • Local, state or federal government agencies or departments
  • For profit entities
  • Organisations who have previously failed to acquit Council grants

Eligible projects

Applications must:

  • Demonstrate a purpose that is in the public interest, with significant community need and benefit
  • Demonstrate strong alignment with Council’s priorities as described in the grant Categories (see below)
  • Adhere to the terms and conditions of this funding program

Ineligible projects and project costs

  • Ongoing operational or recurrent costs including salaries, rental or lease arrangements, fuel, administration, cleaning, gardening or insurance
  • Activities previously disbursed or that have commenced prior to funding being approved
  • Prize money, prizes or trophies (see Community Donations)
  • Travel to competitions, performances or conferences for individuals or community groups (see Individual Development Grants)
  • Items included in another Council grant application (Community Donations, Individual Development Grants, Community Rates Remissions, Or In Kind Assistance Grants. Note: paranaple convention centre and Town Hall Theatre offer Community Rate in lieu of In-Kind Assistance)
  • Development of privately-owned facilities
  • Payment of debt
  • Political activities
  • Projects run solely for commercial profit
  • Projects run solely for fundraising purposes, without broader community benefit
  • The purchase of land
  • Programs/projects in local schools/ by education providers that are exclusive to students
  • Celebration activities or events where attendance is limited to individual organisations or their members
  • Judging fees
  • Uniforms
  • Merchandise

Major and minor grant applications will be assessed using the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate need and benefit
  • Alignment to Council’s priorities as outlined in each category (see below for categories)
  • Evidence of community support, partnership or consultation
  • Increasing self-sufficiency of organisations and/or project outcomes
  • Demonstrate good value for money which shows the contribution of the organisation (and/or others) applying to the project or activity through cash and/or in-kind; and purchase of goods and services from local businesses
  • Capacity of the applicant (and/or partners) to complete the project
  • Evidence that the organisation and/or the project supports inclusive participation and/or promotes equality
  • Evidence that the organisation (and/or the project) demonstrates sound environmental practices

Lower priority is given to:

  • Projects by applicants who have received grant funds in the previous 12 months
  • Projects or events that have previously received Council funding

Applications for major and minor grants must address priorities in at least one of the following categories:
• Health and wellbeing
• Our culture
• Our environment
• Festivals and events

Depending on the grant type or amount requested, funds from other sources will be required. These could include:

  • Applicant cash contributions
  • Grants from other funding bodies
  • Sponsorship
  • In-kind support – eg. equipment or room fire, donated goods and services
  • In-kind volunteer time – equivalent to $25 per hour

Co-funding is required for requests over $7,500 and 50% contribution for equipment purchases regardless of the total funds requested.

The following table outlines co-funding requirements.

Amount requested

Minimum co-funding required


Up to $7,500  

No Requirement

To be eligible for $7,500, the project does not require a cash or in-kind contribution, but this is encouraged

Up to $7,500

50% co-funding required for equipment purchases

For other activities no requirement

For purchase of equipment – to be eligible for $7,500 the total cost of the equipment must be at least $15,000 including a cash/in-kind contribution of $7,500

$7,501 – $15, 000

50% co-funding (cash and/or in-kind)

To be eligible for $10,000 the total cost of the project must be at least $20,000 including a cash/in-kind contribution of $10,000


75% co-funding (cash and/or in-kind)

To be eligible for $25,000, the total cost of the project must be at least $100,000, including a cash/in-kind contribution of $75,000

As a condition of funding, successful applicants are required to acknowledge Council’s support.

This may include (but not limited to) any of the following:

  • Acknowledgement of Council in social media and other media mediums
  • Opportunities for Council to participate in any public relations activities, launches, or events associated with the project
  • Inclusion of the Council’s logo in signage or other promotional material

Council’s Logo will be provided upon receipt of the signed Letter of Offer and provided upon further request.

The logo can only be used for the specific purpose of acknowledging Council’s support and must be replicated in its existing form and not altered in any way, in accordance with Council’s Corporate Style Guide.

If use of the Council logo is not practicable, the following wording should be incorporated in any material related to the funded project: “Proudly supported by Devonport City Council”.

  • Applications open 1 July 2024 and close 5pm Thursday 29 August 2024
  • Applications will be notified of the outcome by October 2024
  • Activity must be complete and a successful report submitted by December 2025.

Within six weeks of project completion, organisations must complete the Final Report Form and attach the following:

  • Copies of all tax invoices/receipts providing evidence of expenditure of funds.
  • Copies of any advertising, newsletters and media relating to the project.
  • Minimum of two (2) images in jpeg format with captions for public use by Council. Applicants are to ensure that permission is sought from individuals in photos.

Organisations will not be considered for further grant funding from Council if previous grant acquittal conditions have not been met.

Applicant support 

For further information or help completing the application, please contact Council’s Community Services Administration and Project Officer for a meeting.

Phone: 03 6424 0511

Email: [email protected]

Note: Office hours are 8.30 am – 5.00 pm, Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays).