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In Kind Assistance Only Grants

In kind assistance may be available to organisations providing a service, event or project within the Devonport local government area.

These guidelines should be read with council’s Financial Assistance Policy. You can view the policy at  

Financial Assistance Type 


Outcome timeframes 

In Kind Assistance Only Grants

Up to $5,000

Applications assessed every month. Closes midnight on the last day of the month.


Who can apply? 

Any not for profit community organisations or association that is legally constituted as an incorporated body or under the auspice of one, that:

  • Operate within the Devonport local government area or can demonstrate the project or program will benefit residents of the Devonport local government area.
  • Have appropriate insurance and adhere to sound workplace health and safety practices.
  • Are able to demonstrate financial viability and competence in project execution.
  • Have no debt to Council or have entered into scheduled payment arrangements with Council which are being met.
  • Have met acquittal conditions for previous Council grants.

In-Kind Assistance available  

Types of in-kind assistance available from Devonport City Council include:

  • Facility/Venue Hire (paranaple convention centre and Town Hall Theatre offer Community Rate in lieu of In-Kind Assistance),
  • Equipment Hire, Or
  • Fee Waiver (Parking Permits, Scheduled Fees and Charges) – Rate Remissions not included,

In-kind Assistance is subject to available resources. Should a resourcing conflict arise Council activities and sponsorship agreements will be given precedence.


The delivery of the In-Kind Assistance is subject to assessment approval, annual budget allocations and the availability of resources.

The program is open all year.

Applications can be lodged at any time and will be assessed on a monthly basis. 

The online application form is available here and must be completed in the prescribed manner. 

Applications will be acknowledged within five working days. If not acknowledged please contact: [email protected]  


Requests for In-Kind Assistance Grants are to be assessed in accordance with the above guidelines. Complete applications will be assessed and considered by the Financial Assistance Working Group. 

In some instances, part assistance may be offered.

The Council’s decision is final, and no further correspondence shall be entered into.  Once assessed applicants will be informed of their success or otherwise in gaining assistance. 


Feel free to send a brief report and an image to [email protected] following the Event or Projects completion.