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Community Donations

To provide assistance to groups, organisations or individuals within Devonport local government area who are not eligible for financial assistance under any other Financial Assistance Category. 

These guidelines should be read with council’s Financial Assistance Policy. You can view the policy at 

Financial Assistance Type 


Outcome timeframes 

Community Donation  


·        $50 Maximum for prize money, trophy and award requests; 

·        $250 Maximum for large fundraising events 

Applications assessed every month. Notification within two weeks of assessment. 

Closes midnight on the last day of every month. 


Who can apply? 

Community organisations are eligible if they meet all the following criteria:  

  • Operate within the Devonport local government area or are able to demonstrate that the project or program will benefit residents of the Devonport local government area. 
  • Have appropriate insurance and adhere to sound Workplace Health and Safety practices. 
  • Are able to demonstrate viability.
  • Have met acquittal conditions for previous council grants and have no debt to council, or have entered into scheduled payment arrangements with council which are being adhered to. 

Who cannot apply? 

  • Educational, religious or medical organisations, where the application is for the organisation’s core business.  
  • Businesses 

Eligible activities 

  • Organisations deriving the majority of revenue from donations or public subscription. 
  • Local through to international charity appeals or relief efforts.  
  • Providing a recognised necessary community service which would otherwise be non-existent.  
  • Award, trophy or prize provision.  

Program Details 

In general the following donations will be considered:  

  • Up to $50 for prize money, trophy and award requests. 
  • Up to $250 for large fundraising events  
  • Relief appeals for local, national, international disasters will be considered on a case by case. 
  • An event directly impacting the Devonport community  
  • A donation will not be granted to an organisation which is already receiving Council assistance for the project/event/purchase via another mechanism (e.g. Community Financial Assistance Program)  
  • Organisations may request a donation every two years  
  • Council may elect to contribute to an eligible organisation without a specific request for assistance from that organisation, where it can be reasonably assumed an individual request would be problematic (e.g. large-scale, disaster, general appeals for assistance). 
  • Where a donation is approved for a specific purpose (e.g. purchase of equipment) the organisation is required to provide evidence of expenditure  
  • Organisations are encouraged to acknowledge the assistance provided by council.  


The delivery of the Donations Program is subject to annual budget allocations.

The program is open all year, dependent on budget availability. Applications can be lodged at any time and will be assessed on a monthly basis. 

The online application form is available here, and must be completed in the prescribed manner. 

Applications will be acknowledged within five working days. If not acknowledged please contact: [email protected]  


Requests for donations are to be assessed in accordance with the above guidelines. Fully complete applications will be assessed and considered by the Financial Assistance Working Group.  The Council’s decision is final, and no further correspondence shall be entered into. Once assessed applicants will be informed of their success or otherwise in gaining a donation.