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Community Rates Remissions

Non-profit Organisations

The Devonport City Council recognises the immense benefits provided to our residents and visitors by local community organisations through the provision of activities and services. 

Granting a full or partial remittance of the general rate is one method of supporting and assisting local non-profit organisations to cater for and respond to the needs of Devonport residents. 

These guidelines should be read in conjunction with Council’s Financial Assistance Policy. You can view the policy at  

Under Section 129 of the [Local Government Act 1993] Council may grant a remission of all or part of any rates payable by the ratepayer or class of ratepayer. In accordance with the Act Council resolved in 1997 (Minutes No. 2190 refers) to consider part or full general rate remissions to non-profit organisations that own property or are responsible for payment of rates. In March 2002, Council resolved (Minutes No. 4541 refers) to include non-profit sporting organisations that own property or pay rates on leased property and are not licensed. 

Critical Dates 

Round Open 

Round Closed 

Funding Announcement 

1 July 2024

5pm, 29 August 2024 

by October 2024


A full or partial remission of the general rate will be considered for: 

  • Any non-profit community organisation that is legally constituted as an incorporated body. 
  • Organisations located in the Devonport local government area. 
  • Organisations that own their property or have full responsibility for the rates in accordance with Section 120 of the [Local Government Act].

A full or partial remission of the general rate will NOT be given for:  

  • Rates for previous financial years. 
  • Organisations with an outstanding debt to Council.  
  • Sporting organisations that are licensed. 

Priority Criteria  

Due to the limited nature of funds available, priority will be given to organisations that:  

  • Operate within the Devonport local government area or can demonstrate the project or program will benefit residents of the Devonport local government area
  • Demonstrate strong alignment with Council’s priorities as described in current Council strategies, plans or policy positions.
  • Demonstrate considerable benefit to the people or environment of Devonport, display as its main focus community benefit rather than organisational benefit. 
  • Demonstrate financial viability and competence. 
  • Have no debt to Council, or have entered into scheduled payment arrangements with Council which are being met.
  • Have met acquittal conditions for previous Council grants.
  • Demonstrate a genuine need for a general rate remission. 

Final funding decisions are made on the merit of each application against the stated eligibility criteria, guidelines and an assessment against the above criteria. 

Meeting the eligibility criteria is not a guarantee of a remission. 

Conditions of Granted Remission 

The following conditions apply to successful recipients of a full or partial general rate remission. 

  • The balance of the revised rate notice must be paid by the due date. 
  • No organisation will be eligible to receive further assistance until all conditions are met for any pre-existing agreement and may be ineligible to access funding with the Devonport City Council for up to 2 years. 


The delivery of the Community Rates Remission Program is subject to annual budget allocations.  

The online application form is available here, and must be completed in the prescribed manner, by the nominated due date.

Applications will be acknowledged within five working days. Council’s Rates Department will be notified of your application (note: you will not receive a late penalty, however you may still receive an overdue notice). 
If your application is not acknowledged, please contact: [email protected]  


Requests for Community Rates Remissions are to be assessed in accordance with the above guidelines. Fully complete applications will be assessed and considered by the Financial Assistance Working Group.  The Council’s decision is final, and no further correspondence shall be entered into.  Once assessed and endorsed the applicants will be informed of their success or otherwise in gaining a donation. 

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