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Feature: Park Benches

Kiah Place Playground

Kiah Place Playground was first developed in the 1970’s after resident Helen Nibbs started a petition to beautify the Place in 1971.  The playground was

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Reg Hope Park

Reg Hope Park is located on the east side of the Mersey River. Home to the Tall Ship – fishing ketch experience The Julie Burgess

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Pioneer Park

Located in East Devonport, Pioneer Park is 1.7 Hectares of public open space. Things to see and do Walk around the park Ride around the

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Miandetta Park

Miandetta Park is located between Berrigan Road and Beaumont Drive. 2019 saw the inclusion of a playground to the park and 2019-2020 Capital Works included a

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Miandetta Reserve

Miandetta Reserve is located in Miandetta off Penambul Drive and is bordered by the railway line to the south and east and private residential properties on

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Mary Binks Wetlands

Located in East Devonport, the wetlands are an enriched habitat for a diverse range of flora and fauna on approximately 1.7 hectares of land between

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