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Renewing an Expired Plumbing Permit/Certificate of Likely Compliance

In most circumstances, plumbing approval is required on all new and existing buildings and outbuildings.  The property owner is responsible for ensuring that a plumbing approval is in place prior to any plumbing work commencing.

  • Plumbing permits and Certificates of likely Compliance expire if the plumbing work has not been started within one year of the permit or certificate of likely compliance being issued, or  
  • if the plumbing work is not completed within two years from the date of issue of the permit or certificate of likely compliance, or
  •  the plumbing permit or certificate of likely compliance has not been extended prior to the permit or certificate of likely compliance expiring.

It is important to be aware of these expiration dates and to apply for a renewal if necessary.

Plumbing Permit Renewal Process:

To renew your plumbing permit, please follow these instructions:

Plumbing Permit

Submit completed form, signed, and dated to the Permit Authority by emailing email [email protected].

Once the form has been received an invoice will be raised and issued to you (See Fees and Charges). 

On clearance of your payment, your application will be assessed within 14 days.

Once the application has been assessed and approved, you will receive an email containing a link to access your Plumbing Permit or Certificate of Likely Compliance and stamped application documents. 

Your engaged Plumber will then be able to book a final inspection