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Plumbing Inspections

Mandatory Plumbing Inspections

Building projects that involve plumbing are assessed against the categories of plumbing work as determined by the Director of Building Control. This determination of Categories of Plumbing Work can be found on the CBOS website. The category of plumbing work is a risk based assessment: 

  • Category 1 – low risk work that an owner or competent person can undertake 
  • Category 2 – low risk work that a plumber can undertake without needing inspection by the Permit Authority 
  • Category 3 – notifiable work that cannot commence until the Permit Authority has issued a CLC (certificate of likely compliance) and the plumber will need to notify the Permit Authority when the work is ready for inspection at each mandatory notification stages 
  • Category 4 – high risk work that MUST be inspected by the Permit Authority 


For Category 3 and 4 work, once you have received your Plumbing Certificate of Likely Compliance/Plumbing Permit, prior to commencing work you must ensure a Start-Work Notification and Authorisation – Plumbing Work has been sent to Council & the authorisation to start work has been granted. 

As part of your Plumbing Certificate of Likely Compliance/Plumbing Permit it is a requirement to notify Council for the mandatory inspection stages as listed on these documents. 

As a guide, inspections will need to be booked for: 

  • Prior to covering or backfilling sewer drainage and some stormwater drainage 
  • Hot and Cold Pipe Work 
  • Commissioning of Plumbing Work 
  • Completion of plumbing work or other inspections as indicated on Certificate of Likely Compliance or Plumbing Permit 

Additional information relating to Council’s role in plumbing inspections can be found on the CBOS website. Council role in plumbing ( 

Booking an Inspection

To arrange a Plumbing Inspection with Council’s Plumbing Surveyor, you can book online by clicking the button below: 

Before booking an inspection, you must have a valid Plumbing Approval and the Start Work Notice (Plumbing Work) has been lodged with the Council Permit Authority & the Plumbing Start Work Authorisation granted. 

NOTE: A minimum of 2 working days’ notice MUST be given when booking an inspection. 

If you cannot book a plumbing inspection online, you must contact the Council Plumbing Surveyor to make alternative arrangements. 

If a follow up Plumbing Inspection is required, due to non-compliant work, then an inspection fee may apply.  Refer to the
Fees & Charges List on our Website.

For all plumbing enquiries contact Council’s Permit Authority on [email protected] or phone 6424 0511.