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Nuisance animals

What you can do about nuisance animals

Council can assist residents if they have issues with nuisance animals, this includes smell or noise. Should you have issues with nuisance animals you can contact the Council on 03 6424 0511 to discuss the matter with the Environmental Health Department.

Should your complaint be in relation to an excessively barking dog you will be required to complete Notice of Complaint Nuisance Created by A Dog Form which includes a seven-day diary to assist gather evidence. A prescribed fee applies to lodging this form with Council. Once the offence has been determined and the complaint verified the prescribed free can be refunded.

Dog attack

It is an offence under the Dog Control Act 2000 if your dog rushes at or chases any person or causes injury to any person or another animal, whether it is on your own property or in a public place.

Council officers will investigate all complaints and can be contacted:

  • During office hours on 03 6424 0511, or
  • After hours on 03 6423 3074