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Council invites feedback on Draft Waste Strategy

Draft Waste Strategy Public Consultation

Council invites feedback on Draft Waste Strategy

Devonport Mayor Alison Jarman has called on the ratepayers and residents of Devonport to provide their valuable feedback on the draft Waste Strategy 2023-2028.

The 30-day consultation process presents an opportunity for the community to get involved and contribute towards the development of sustainable waste initiatives for the region.

According to Mayor Jarman, the consultation process is an avenue for members of the Devonport community to collaborate with the Council and develop new ways to reduce waste, promote sustainable practices and minimise the impact of waste on the environment.

The draft Waste Strategy focuses on four key objectives that align with Council’s Strategic Goals;

• Achieve 60% resource recovery,
• Eliminate the use of priority single-use plastics from Council operations,
• Increase the range and quantity of recycled and recovered materials into its operations,
• Contribute to regionally consistent and effective waste management practices.

“We encourage ratepayers and residents to participate in the consultation process and share their views on the Council’s proposed waste management improvements. By working together, we can achieve a sustainable future for our region,” said Mayor Jarman.

To participate in the consultation process, the community can visit Speak Up Devonport, lodge a submission
via email or form, or provide feedback by completing a form available from Council’s Customer Service Centre or in writing to PO Box 604, Devonport, Tas, 7310.

The Devonport Waste Strategy consultation presents an excellent opportunity for the community to have a meaningful impact on the future of waste management in the region. The Council looks forward to receiving feedback and working with the community to develop sustainable waste initiatives.

Submissions can be made until 5pm on Thursday, 30 March 2023.