Council seeking feedback on Health and Well-being Strategy


Council seeking feedback on Health and Well-being Strategy

Community feedback on Devonport’s Health and Well-being Strategy 2023 – 2033 (HWS) is invited during the month of March.

The public consultation period, which ends on Friday 31 March, builds on an extensive body of work that has already involved many organisations.

A reference group comprising representatives from education, community, Devonport Community House, East Devonport Child and Family Learning Centre, Devonport Library, University of Tasmania, Youth, Family and Community Connections and Devonport City Council have worked together to guide the development of the Strategy.

Reference group member, Damian Collins from Youth, Family & Community Connections said “More than sixty individuals and organisations have collaborated to develop the Living Well plan, sharing their aspirations and ideas on how as a community we can continually improve well-being outcomes.”

“This comes at a time where individuals and families are feeling a complex array of economic and societal pressures. This plan will not solve the immediate needs of many, rather it is forward looking in the hope that in years to come, together we will make small changes that add up to alter the path of our community’s health and well-being”, Mr Collins said.

Devonport Mayor Alison Jarman said the Strategy demonstrates Council’s ongoing commitment to achieving positive health and well-being outcomes for the Devonport community.

“The strategy reflects Council’s continued dedication to improving the health and well-being of our community. Council’s key role is to support the vision and outcomes of the Plan”, Cr Jarman said.

The HWS identifies six focus areas that address issues specific to the community, identified using data from the last population census as well as information from key stakeholder consultation:

  • Eating Well: Using the fresh, seasonal produce of our rich, agriculturally productive land to create nutritious meals shared with family and friends around our tables at gatherings and events.
  • Moving Well: As part of everyone’s day, in formal and informal ways, we are moving – on the field, in the pool, on the track, in the park, in our workplace or in our homes because we know that moving well keeps us fit, healthy and happy.
  • Being Well: Preventative practices based on a deep understanding of what keeps us healthy and happy is what we do. When needed, we have access to all the professional support we need. A beautiful environment, connection to one another and vibrant creative culture nurture our wellness.
  • Learning Well: Lifelong learning is part of who we are and how we do things. Informal and formal learning, generational mentoring, and children as our most incredible change-makers are part of the rich environment of sharing, learning, and living in our communities.
  • Connecting Well: We’re well connected and use each other’s strengths. Collaborating comes easily through trusting and respectful relationships. We share data and information to know what is happening in our communities. This ‘real-time’ approach forms the basis of our decision-making, strategic focus, grant, and investment success.
  • And we have a strong sense of Belonging. Our pride in the place we call home and our people shows. We celebrate achievements. We seek to learn from our First Nations people and their strong connection and belonging to Country. We care for our carers and volunteers, acknowledging with gratitude the role they play. Our cultural activities, events and festivals celebrate diversity, identity and what it means to belong in our ‘Living Well’ community.

“We want to hear what’s important to the community in meeting the health and well-being challenges facing us in the coming decade. Please take the time to have your say”, Cr Jarman said.

To participate in the consultation process, the community can visit Speak Up Devonport, lodge a submission via email or form, or provide feedback by completing a form available from Council’s Customer Service Centre or in writing to PO Box 604, Devonport, Tas, 7310.

The Health and Well-being Strategy Reference Group are now seeking your input on the draft plan’s vision, aspirations, outcomes, progress indicators and suggested initiatives.

The survey will close at 5pm on Friday, 31 March 2023.