Mayor’s Message – 04 June 2019

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mayors face thumbnailExpressions of Interest are now open for membership of Devonport City Council’s Special Interest and Working Groups.

The period of membership will be from August 2019 until June 2021.

The Devonport Special Committees established under Section 24 of the Local Government Act 1993 are:

  • East Devonport Special Interest Group – provides advice to Council about future development of East Devonport.
  • Liveable City Special Interest Group – ensures a coordinated, collaborative and strategic approach to developing Devonport as a liveable city for residents and visitors alike.
  • Devonport Jazz Working Group – provides advice to Council on the Devonport Jazz program and projects.
  • Devonport Food and Wine Working Group – provides advice to Council on the Devonport Food and Wine program and projects.
  • paranaple arts centre Special Advisory Committee – provides advice to Council on strategic planning, promotion and accessibility of the Gallery and arts as an integral part of Devonport’s cultural life.
  • Active City Special Interest Group – provides an opportunity for community members with a knowledge and background in sport and recreation to provide a forum through which Council can consult with and receive advice and guidance on the future of sport and recreation development within the City of Devonport.
  • Maritime and Heritage Special Interest Group – provides advice to Council about increasing access to and promoting cultural heritage as an integral part of Devonport’s culture and to provide input into maritime and heritage facilities/services and partnerships/programs/activities and events.

Members play an important role in helping to shape the city and some of its events and I encourage all interested people to lodge an Expression of Interest.

On behalf of Council I wish to thank all those who have previously served for their time and effort to date, and encourage them to submit an Expression of Interest to continue.

Likewise, Council would encourage anyone else who has a special interest in one or more of the groups to put their name forward.

The Expression of Interest Form can be found on the Council website by visiting clicking here.

Expressions of Interest can be submitted up until Wednesday, 26 June 2019.

For further information contact Danielle O’Brien, at Council, on 6424 0511.