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Annual General Meeting Guidelines


Annual General Meeting Guidelines

  1. The Annual General Meeting will be conducted as far as practicable in a manner similar to an ordinary Council meeting and generally align with processes in the Local Government (Meeting Procedures) Regulations 2015.

  2. The Mayor will Chair the meeting or in their absence the Deputy Mayor.

  3.  All discussion is to be addressed through the Chair. 

  4. Submissions and questions relating to the Annual Report should where possible be submitted in writing for inclusion in the agenda, however an opportunity is to be provided at the meeting for questions from the floor. 

  5. Motions 
    a. Motions must be submitted by the advertised cut-off date for inclusion in the agenda.  
    b. Motions (other than those related to an existing agenda item) will not be accepted from the floor. 
    c. The Motion must be moved and seconded before debate is permitted. 
    d. Only one motion may be before the Chair at a time. 
    e. Only electors in the Devonport Local Government Area are entitled to vote.
    A resolution is passed by a majority of votes taken by a show of hands.  
    g. In speaking to a motion, each person may speak only once and for a maximum of three minutes.
    The mover of the motion has a final right of reply. 
    i. A motion passed at the Annual General Meeting will be considered at the next available meeting of Council. 

  6. The process for questions without notice will generally be in accordance with Council’s Public Question Time Policy.

  7. Those wishing to speak at the meeting are to come to the lectern and identify themselves by providing their name and address and to limit any comments/questions to no more than 3 minutes on an item.

  8. No person may:
    Make any personal reflection on any councillor, council employee or any member of the public; 
    b. Disrupt the meeting; or 
    c. In the opinion of the Chair, use any offensive expression. 

Endorsed by Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting held 21 December 2020 – min 20/168 refers.