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Current Works and Projects

Capital Works Program 2019 – 2020

In 2019-20 Council’s capital work program includes $16.794M of projects. This includes $8.207M for renewal of existing assets and $8.587M for new assets.  A total of $4.057M of external funding has been allowed for.

Download your copy of Council’s Forward Capital Works Program below.

Current Works and Projects

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Please note some dates may change due to weather conditions and changes to the works program.

For more information about any of the works listed below please contact Customer Service on 03 6424 0511.


Back Beach Improvements

Correspondence has been received from several residents in the last year about difficulty accessing Back Beach due to the uneven and loose rock at the base of the stairs

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Berrigan Road and Lyons Avenue – Intersection Safety Improvements

Five injury crashes have occurred at the intersection in the last five years.  Crashes involved two vehicles colliding at a 90-degree angle after one driver failed to give way. External funding has been secured for this project

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Bluff Beach Accessible Ramp

The existing beach ramp is frequently covered by shingle and the removal is a manual process.  To guarantee access to the beach via the existing ramp would require an ongoing large operational budget allocation.  A lower cost long term option would be to construct a new ramp

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Bluff Pedestrian Links

This project involves construction of new and improved pedestrian facilities in the Mersey Bluff precinct. Several pedestrian related issues have been identified in the Mersey Bluff area including:

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Coastal Pathway Contribution – Part 1

Project Name:                     Coastal Pathway Contribution – Part 1 Proposed Status:                Construction in 2019-20 Previous Status:                  Scheduled in 2020-21 (in Public Open Space …

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Coastal Pathway Lighting – Aitkenhead Point to Skate Park

This project is to continue installation of path lighting between Roundhouse Park and the Bluff Lighthouse. Public feedback has been very positive with the first two stages constructed in years 2017-18 and 2018-19.

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Coles Beach Road – New Pit

Project Name:                     Coles Beach Road – New Pit  Proposed Status:                Construct in 2019-20 Previous Status:                  No change Proposed Budget:              $10,000 Project Objective:              …

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Curr Street New Footpath – West Side

The footpath is in a very high walk-ability area. This project enables the completion of the missing link and provides a safer access path

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Devonport Football Club – Grease Trap

Project Name: Devonport Football Club – Grease Trap Proposed Status: Construction 2019-20 Previous Status: Not previously listed Proposed Budget: $10,000 Project Objective: To meet the …

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Devonport Oval – Clements Street Entry Renewal

  Project Name:                     Devonport Oval – Clements Stret Entry Renewal Proposed Status:                Construction in 2019-20 Previous Status:                  Not previously listed Proposed Budget: …

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