Birds in Backyards Autumn Survey

This is the perfect opportunity to become acquainted with your birdy neighbours and go in the draw to win a brand new pair of Nikon binoculars. Birds in Backyards surveys can be submitted at any time, and as often as you like. Your data tells us how our urban birds are doing and how our gardens, and our own behaviour in those gardens can impact on the birds visiting.

How do I submit my surveys?

1. If you don’t have a Birdata account, sign up for one today. Then read the instructions or watch the video.

2. Go to the Birdata portal or download the Birdata app

3. Select ‘Birds in Backyards’ from the program list and locate your garden on the map

4. Fill in some details about your garden – take a ‘birds eye view’… and tell us what your space is like. You only have to do this once (unless something changes in your garden)

5. Spend either one block of 20 mins recording which birds visit your garden OR keep a record over a week of all the birds you see and fill in the survey

6. There are options to add photos, give us more details (if the bird is something unusual in your garden, put this in the notes), record any breeding info or aggressive bird behaviour if you want to

7. Submit and enjoy!

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Wellness Wednesday

Discover weekly tips on everything from food to fitness, to mental health and keeping your garden happy. Each week we will cover a different topic on positive steps that you can put into place to help you through these difficult times.

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Devonport Orchid Society Spring Show

The Devonport Orchid Society welcome you to their orchid community at their annual Spring show!

Celebrate beautiful Orchids, learn about the Society or orchid culture, and add plants to your collection.

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