Exhibition Opening: Cats & Dogs All At Sea

Please join us for our next temporary exhibition opening!

Cats, dogs, monkeys and birds have been cherished on board ships for as long as people have made sea voyages. In a life from which children and families are usually missing, pets provided an important source of comfort and affection.
Photographer Samuel Hood boarded hundreds of ships between 1900s and 1950s that were moored in Sydney Harbour. He took thousands of photographs of crew members, from deckhands to the captain as a souvenir of their visit or to send home to families and loved ones.
Nearly all the photographs are posed formal portraits. In some, the sitter has chosen to be photographed with their beloved pet. More than just a ship’s mascot, these animals and crew solemnly express the clear attachment that exists between them. Hood captured some of these relationships in his images, understanding the special role these animals played on a ship’s journey.

Cats & Dogs: ALL AT SEA is an exhibition from the Australian National Maritime Museum, but, as always, we will be adding local stories and objects into this exhibition. Do you have a story of a maritime pet? We’d love to hear it!

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