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Living Well Devonport Programs

Living Well Devonport – FREE Health and Wellbeing Community Program.

Living Well Devonport is an innovative and holistic Health and Wellbeing program designed to empower individuals and the entire community to Live Well and Thrive Together.

What we eat, how we move, our access to learning, education and training, livelihood, housing, transport, and a sense of belonging all influence our health and well-being. We believe that when individuals are healthy and connected, they can create a positive and prosperous Devonport for everyone. Therefore, ‘Living Well Devonport’ aims to improve the overall quality of life for Devonport residents by providing resources, support and opportunities that contribute to personal wellness and community well-being.

Living Well Devonport Mission Statement:

“To enhance the lives of Devonport residents by promoting and encouraging physical, mental and emotional health while building a thriving community where individuals and the collective flourish together.”

How do we know we are all Living Well within the City of Devonport? We know because we are:

  1. Eating Well.
  2. Moving Well.
  3. Being Well.
  4. Learning Well.
  5. Connecting well.
  6. Belonging.

Through collaborative, Council and community led partnerships we will offer a range of comprehensive health and wellbeing initiatives tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of Devonport’s residents.

Themed around each of the six focus areas of the Living Well Health and Wellbeing 2023-2033 Devonport Strategy, participants will:

  • Experience better physical, mental, and emotional health through our program’s activities, sessions, workshops, guidance, and resources.
  • Foster connections and encourage active participation, building a more connected and supportive community.

Join us in Living Well Devonport and be part of a thriving community where individuals and the community flourish together. Let’s make Devonport a place where everyone can live their best lives and contribute to a brighter future for all. Together, we will “Live Well and Thrive Together’ in Devonport.



 Monday 19th of February to Sunday 28th of April 2024. 

Are you a Service Provider and interested in joining our next program? Complete the Expression of Interest Form via the link here to register your interest. 

Living Well Program AUTUMN 2024 FINAL

Living Well Program AUTUMN 2024 FINAL