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Devonport has a variety of locations that can be used in stills photography or filming, including beaches, rockpools, lagoons, bushland, parks, reserves, playgrounds and swimming pool.

Approval for Filming

Filmmakers must obtain approval from Council to film on any of Council’s roads or land.  Please provide as many details and supporting documentation as possible and send to our Marketing & Promotion Manager on [email protected] 

Approval from Council for filming on privately owned land is not normally required. However, we recommend you contact us if you feel the filming may impact on the street or neighbours.

News crews do not need approval to film on Council land.

We’ll let you know your request has been received.  Please contact us should you wish to know the status of your approval. Every effort will be made to send the approval to you as soon as possible. Please ensure that ample time is provided for assessment, if not we may not be able to supply the approval for your filming.

Once the filming is approved you will be sent a rental contract, conditions of use and an invoice.

Things to consider when filming in Devonport


If you are filming in one of our metered car parks, please contact us to pre-arrange parking permits. These will be charged at the relevant adopted fees and charges.  Adherence to all on-street parking time limits and restrictions is expected throughout the shoot.

Road closures or stopping traffic

Any requests to close roads or car parks or stop traffic must be accompanied by a Traffic Control Plan. This plan must be prepared by a Department of State Growth authorised person. Filming on state or regional roads must be approved by the Department of State Growth before you seek Council approval.

State Roads
Filming over the Mersey River

If you are using a drone to film over TasPorts controlled areas, including the Mersey River, you will need a permit from TasPorts. Read more and apply for a permit here: Commercial Filming Request ( and Drone Flight Request (