Waterfront Park – Sound and Light Show

Project Name:                    Waterfront Park – Sound and Light Show

Proposed Status:               Construction in 2020/21

Previous Status:                 No change

Proposed Budget:              $1 million allocation in 2020/21

Project Objective:              Implementation of the LIVING CITY Master Plan

Project Justification:       Implementation of the adopted LIVING CITY Master Plan

Project Scope:                     The Sound and Light Show will be located within the LIVING CITY Waterfront Park.  It is designed to capture the visitor market to Devonport with the show to provide both an infotainment and educational experience and be based around a narrative specific to Devonport and the North-West Coast of Tasmania.  A specialist consultant team, Mandylights, has been engaged by Council to design the show and associated infrastructure. The total project budget is estimated to be in the order of $3 million with the intention that Council will secure 100% grant funding for the project