Don Reserve – Playground Renewal

Project Name:                    Don Reserve Playground Renewal

Proposed Status:               Construct in 2020/21

Previous Status:                 Not previously identified

Proposed Budget:              $90,000 from Federal Government’s Drought Impact Program

Project Objective:              Asset Renewal

Project Justification:       The playground equipment and bark surface require renewal, due to the    corrosion and UV degradation of the equipment and the decomposition of the bark surface. This playground was installed in 1997 and is far beyond its nominal useful life of 10 years

Project Scope:                     There are multiple possible locations for the renewal of this playground  including Coles Beach and the Don Hall, both of which are served by public toilets.  Other options include renewing in the same location,  which would require rejuvenation of the bark surface, or to remove the playground without replacing it.  Any location should be aligned with  Council’s POS Strategy, currently under review. It is proposed that the new playground facility in any location would be modest compared to Council’s larger playgrounds, but still more expansive than existing


POS Don Resere Playground 3

POS Don Resere Playground 2 1