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Transparency & Accountability

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Access to CCTV Footage

CCTV Cameras The Devonport City Council has operated a Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) since 2000. The system is operated to enhance public safety and …

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Access to Council Information

As a member of the public, you have the right access certain government information. Devonport City Council is committed to the following principles regarding public …

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Gifts and Donations Register – Elected Members

Gifts and Donations Register This register shows reportable gifts and donations that have been offered to and received by Elected Members since July 2018. Gifts …

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In accordance with S57(2) of the Local Government Act 1993 (“the Act”), a person may lodge a petition with Council. “A person lodging a petition …

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Public Interest Disclosures

Devonport City Council is committed to the aims and objectives of the Public Interest Disclosures Act 2002 (the Act). To support transparency and accountability in …

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