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The Koinobori Project

The Koinobori Project – Art exchange.

The Koinobori Project is an art exchange project between Devonport City and the City of Minamata, our sister city in honor of Kodomo no Hi – Children’s Day (Japan).
Children’s Day  is celebrated 5 May annually in Japan with a national holiday and families flying Koinobori (carp streamers) to celebrate children’s happiness.  

The carp is believed to be a very spirited fish, powerful and energetic enough to swim up rapidly-flowing streams. It symbolises courage and the power to achieve goals by virtue of its power and determination to overcome obstacles. 

The Project began in 2018, and has continued throughout 2020. 

November 2018 – January 2019
Devonport made Koinobori on display

Devonport school children and community members attending Tidal 2018 workshops made Koinobori to gift to Minamata. It was displayed in the paranaple arts centre as part of the TIDAL 18 Festival. 

Also on display in these images: Large Koinobori gifted as part of the Cultural Item Collection. 

October 2018
Koinobori being made at a Devonport school

Many Primary schools in Devonport and the surrounding area participated in making Koinobori as part of their Japanese studies.  


January 2019
Koinobori being made at a paranaple arts centre workshop

As part of the Tidal 2018 Festival the Devonport Regional Gallery held Koinobori making workshops over the summer holidays. 

April – May 2019
Koinobori from Minamata on display

In 2019 Devonport received over 100 Koinobori made by Minamata school children. The Koinobori made out of cotton, each held a hand written translated card containing their name and a message for Devonport.   
They were displayed in the paranaple arts centre throughout April and May to honour the Japanese Festival – Children’s Day 5 May 2019.

October 2019
Koinobori on display in Minamata

The Koinobori Devonport sent to Minamata in 2019 became part of a larger display of Koinobori used to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Minamata becoming a City, 12 October 2019.

May 2022
Koinobori on display in Devonport

To celebrate and honour Japan’s Children’s Day some of the Koinobori recieved by Devonport were displayedin the paranaple arts centre 5 May – 28 May 2022.