Stormwater Asset Management Plan open for community input

The Devonport City Council has released its Stormwater Asset Management Plan for public comment.

Stormwater assets represent the largest asset group by number, and the second largest in value, with a combined replacement value of $137.7 million and an annual depreciation cost of more than $1.3 million.

The Plan details seven actions required for the management of stormwater assets (and services provided from these assets), compliance with regulatory requirements and funding needed to provide the required levels of service over a 10-year period.

It was prepared based on asset and financial data available as at December 2019 and does not take into account any of the current impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. In that sense it can be considered a “business as usual” approach.

Future reviews of the Plan will respond to the funding changes that are likely to occur due to the impacts of the pandemic.

Community members can view and comment on the Plan by visiting the Speak Up Devonport page on Council’s website.

The comment period will close at 5 p.m. on Friday 26 June 2020.


Media Contact
Nigel Tapp |Media & Communications Officer Devonport City Council
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Proposed Street Trading By-Law open for public comment

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1993, public notification is given of Council’s intention to make proposed By-Law No. 1 of 2020 entitled Street Trading By-Law.

The purpose of the By-Law is to regulate and licence street trading on public streets within the Devonport municipality.

Submissions from the public are invited on the proposed By-Law. All submissions are required to be made in writing and may be mailed to the General Manager, PO Box 604, Devonport 7310 or emailed to council@devonport.tas.

The period within which submissions may be made will close at 5.00 p.m. on Friday 12 June 2020.

The proposed By-Law, along with the Regulatory Impact Statement prepared in respect of the By-Law, can be viewed below or by contacting Council on 6424 0511 or emailing

The Regulatory Impact Statement has been certified by the Director of Local Government as required by the Local Government Act 1993.

The objectives of the proposed By-Law and the means of achieving them are set out in the Regulatory Impact Statement as well as the primary features of the By-Law and its envisaged or potential impact on the community or particular groups within the community.

The Infringement Notice Offences are also attached below.

Public enquiries on the content and effect of the proposed By-Law can be directed to Council’s Development Services Manager on 6424 0511.

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Harmony Day celebrations cancelled

The Devonport City Council has cancelled its Harmony Day celebrations planned for Friday in Market Square.

Mayor Annette Rockliff said the cancellation was unfortunate but, in light of the latest advice from the Prime Minister and health officials regarding hosting public gatherings of more than 500 attendees given the coronavirus, Council believe there was no other prudent step it could take.

Council is currently contacting all stakeholders to advise them of the decision.

It is also assessing all events it is responsible for to determine their future given the latest advice regarding the virus.


Media Contact
Nigel Tapp |Media & Communications Officer Devonport City Council
03 6424 0562 | 0427 132 972 |

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2020 Diamonds of Devonport announced

Devonport City Council has celebrated the achievements of 27 local women by adding them to the honour roll of the popular Diamonds of Devonport program at a cocktail party on Thursday evening.

Diamonds were recognised in the categories of Personal Achievement, Community Achievement, Business Achievement and Young Achiever, for those under 30.

The recipients join 204 other women who have been recognised by the program since it was first initiated in 2011 by the current Mayor and event patron Cr Annette Rockliff.

Mayor Rockliff said the event was a way to recognise some of the great women working within the community and to acknowledge their achievements.

“I am very proud of the event and the contributions to our community of the more than 230 Diamonds who have been recognised over the last nine years,’’ Cr Rockliff said.

“It’s a joy to be part of the event and to hear great stories of amazing women.

“I know there are still many more ‘unmined’ Diamonds out there so I would like to thank those who take the time to nominate Diamonds and ask that nominations keep coming in.’’

Businesswoman and long-serving community volunteer Margaret Fay, this year’s Diamonds of Devonport Ambassador, addressed attendees.

Mrs Fay’s community service has continued for almost four decades with the Devonport Soroptimist Club – where she has held a range of executive positions including president and treasurer – and as a member and past office holder of the Devonport Lions Club, and a former co-ordinator of the Taste of the Harvest.

She also co-ordinated the Devonport Regatta’s Miss Mersey event for many years and has had a long association with the local White Ribbon Day Walk.

Mrs Fay was named as Devonport’s 2019 Australia Day Citizen of the Year.

She has twice been nominated as a Diamond – in 2012 for her community achievement and in 2018 for her business achievement.

2020 Recipients –

Personal Achievement: Brigitta Sargent, Jennifer Jackson, Katheryn Pratt, Leanne De Boer and Norah Irwin.

Community Achievement: Jeannette Lander, Gwen Pulford, Melissa Britt, Sarah Hugen, Ann Teesdale, Peggy Grant, Leanne Distill, Gail Elliott, Mavis Kelly, Rene Buckley, Nancy Bell and Frances Wilson.

Business Achievement: Allana Bugge, Kellie Gossage, Mellissa McKenna, Caroline Small, Doula Papas, Linda Squibb, Margaret Banks, Sally Millar and Sylvia Sayers.

Young Achiever: Olivia Pizzirani-Rand.

PICTURE CAPTION: This year’s Diamonds are pictured with the Mayor, Cr Annette Rockliff.


Media Contact:
Nigel Tapp |Media & Communications Officer |Devonport City Council
03 6424 0562 | 0427 132 972 | 

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Billy Ward brings his Iraq adventure to Devonport

Billy Ward may not be a household name – but in the world of motorcycles, he is a legend!

Billy, pictured above, is the manager and right-hand man of English TV presenter, travel writer and actor Charley Boorman, who has documented many of his extraordinary motorbike adventures including two with close friend actor Ewan McGregor.

Among two wheeled road warriors Biketruck Billy is just as well-known and regularly leads motorcycle tours in Australia, Southern Africa and Morocco.

His most recent escapade was to one of the most dangerous war zones in the world – Iraq.

And he will bring that story to the big stage at the paranaple convention centre on Friday 13 March at 7.30 p.m.

Discover how Billy ends up riding a second-hand police motorcycle to Mosul in Iraq with Claudio von Planta (the cameraman from the Long Way Round television series which followed McGregor and Boorman 31,000 km from London to New York on motorcycles).

According to Billy, the adventure started in a familiar way.

“It started – as so many good stories do – with excessive alcohol consumption and ended up with a trip through a war zone,” he said.

“It was one of the most exciting adventures of my life. Though standing on the front line in Mosul – surrounded by military of one type or another – listening to the coalition jets above made me ponder What am I doing here?”

Listen as Billy tells his story about the people of this ancient and important part of the world.

Gain an understanding of the impact of unrelenting unrest, and the effect of US intervention and withdrawal.

Be amazed as he recounts a trip he calls “exciting, funny and sad.”

“Claudio opened up my eyes to many things – political, social, economic, power and control.”

“Our legacy, if we have one should be our understanding. My story is about how I fell into this adventure and how wonderfully good and bad, people can be.”


90 minutes (inc. 15-minute interval)


Adults $25

Concession $22

Town Hall Theatre Members $22


Media Contact

Nigel Tapp |Media & Communications Officer Devonport City Council

03 6424 0562 | 0427 132 972 |

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Odd Roads to be Walking – 156 women who shaped Australian art

An illustrated talk on the lives and work of eight Tasmanian female artists of the 20th century, by art enthusiast Paul Finucane, will be held at the Devonport Regional Gallery on Monday 3 February.

These stories are included in Dr Finucane and Catherine Stuart’s recently published book Odd Roads to be Walking – 156 women who shaped Australian art.

As the name suggests, this book deals with the lives and work of important Australian women artists of the 20th century. Further information on the book can be found on

A disproportionate number of important Australian women artists of the 20th century came from Tasmania.

Those Tasmanian artists whose lives and work are discussed in the book include

Curzona Allport (1860-1949), Jean Bellette (1908-1991), Edith Holmes (1893-1973), Mabel Hookey (1871-1953), Mildred Lovett (1880-1955), Florence Rodway (1881-1971), Dorothy Stoner (1904-1992) and Violet Vimpany (1886-1979).

Paul Finucane and Catherine Stuart are both art enthusiasts who are also fascinated with the life stories of people. Paul is the primary author and Catherine is responsible for the images of works by the artists and co-production. Together with Aileen Finucane, the authors sourced portraits of the artists.

Dr Finucane is a medical doctor based at Wagga Wagga, NSW and has a strong interest in the visual arts. He has written three art-related books.

The talk will be held in the Main Gallery from 6 p.m.


 Media Contact: 
Geoff Dobson
T. 6424 0577 M. 0419 505 838

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New Exhibitions Opening at Devonport Regional Gallery

This month will see the opening of three new exhibitions at the Devonport Regional Gallery – Modern Sublime – Photographs from the Robinson Collection, Rust, Resin and Reality by Darryl Rogers and Serene and Menacing by Olly Read.

 Modern Sublime – Photographs from the Robinson Collection

Traditionally, the word ‘sublime’ has referred to feelings of awe inspired by nature. However, in the 20th century, the notion of the industrial sublime emerged – the feeling of awe induced by machines, technology and progress. Modern Sublime explores this idea, with focus on the former Edgell factory, at Quoiba.

Devonport was once the largest processor of peas in Tasmania, and this played a vital role in the economy of the North-West region. This exhibition traces the journey of the humble pea from harvest, to factory and store, through images which celebrate technology, machinery and production.

Modern Sublime has been curated by Erin Wilson

Following the oral history Robinson Project in 2018, the gallery is now gathering anecdotal stories from community members who have had a connection with Edgells in the region,

In order to enhance information about this aspect of the Robinson Collection and ongoing research purposes, people are invited to leave their comments whilst visiting the exhibition or to email their memory to

Rust Resin and Reality

 Darryl Rogers has had   a long career as a theatre and museum designer also working in in television broadcast production and, for the last decade, working within videoart. This exhibition contains a selection of works that Darryl have been working on for the last 12 months.

Impermanence, permanence, transience and the timeless are symbolised in a series of 3D works where rust and resin are used as the primary sculptural medium. As a sort of physical manifestations of temporal extremes, these two materials in concert with assemblage, text and other detritus explore aspects of quantum physics, the metaphysical and other entangled bits of informed reality.

These sculptural works are a type of fusion of collage, painting and sculpture created from found objects, text, clocks, toys, animals are combined with other plastic mediums such as resin and rust.

 Serene and Menacing

 Devonport-based artist, Olly Read’s works are driven by exploring materiality and how tactility and tension can be communicated and speak to larger, disparate, ideas.

Read wants to depict reality in all its horror and beauty, the reality of life, of the human condition and of how we relate the physical world.

Olly has through his experiments with the materials employed, in these works aimed at expressions of tension between body, object, and environment; their ephemerality, the violent cycle of transformation, growth and decay.

Read completed his Honours year in Bachelor of Contemporary Art degree in 2019 at the University of Tasmania, Launceston.

Darryl Rogers’ and Olly Read’s exhibitions form part of the annual Little Gallery Program for early career Tasmanian artists. The Little Gallery Project Space is available to emerging and early career contemporary Tasmanian artists and promotes experimentation in 2D and 3D art, critical thinking and engaging concepts.

Exhibition Opening: Friday 6 December, 6pm

Exhibition Talks: Pre-exhibition opening floor talk at 5.15pm with Olly Read and Darryl Rogers

Exhibition Dates: Modern Sublime: 7 December- 23 February 2020

Exhibition Dates: Rust, Resin and Reality/ Serene and Menacing:  30 November- 5 January 2020

 Image details: Serene and Menacing, I touch myself: suspended skin, 2019, soft sculpture (wood, fabric, fishing line, tacks, metal brackets).

Image details:  Modern Sublime (below left): Bert & Albert Robinson, Gordon Edgell and Sons Pty Ltd, 1961, The Robinson Collection, R13350. This mage is used with the permission of Simplot Australia.

 Image details: Rust, Resin and Reality (below right): Darryl Rogers, Dead Parrot, 2019, found object assemblage; cage, drone, rust, mirror.





Media Contact:
Geoff Dobson
T: 6424 0577
M: 0419 505 838

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paranaple centre marks its first anniversary

The Devonport City Council is celebrating the one-year anniversary of the public opening of the paranaple centre this week.

The Mayor, Cr Annette Rockliff, said the paranaple centre – which includes the Devonport Library, Service Tasmania, Online Access Centre and 800-seat paranaple convention centre as well as meeting rooms – was proving extremely popular with the community.

“There is no doubt that members of the public have embraced the new centre and the facilities it offers,” Cr Rockliff said.

More than 5000 people have attended events in the meeting and seminar rooms and more than 24,500 people have attended events in the convention centre.

Devonport Library manager Jane Forward said the library’s programs had flourished in the 12 months since its move.

Participation in public programs has grown by 80% and the number of new members joining the library is up by more than 100% on the same period in the year before its doors were opened.

“We’ve continued our monthly Living Room program of ‘community conversations’ where we host special guests in the peninsular space on Level one.

“We’re able to quickly move shelving and bring in comfortable furniture so the space resembles a community lounge room.

“Our early learning programs, such as Rock and Rhyme and Storytime, are thriving in their new children’s space on the ground floor too. Because this area is so visible, we’ve seen huge growth in these programs as more and more curious kids and families join in.”

Ms Forward said staff had worked very hard over the first 12 months to deliver an “exceptional” new service experience for the community.

“It’s so rewarding to see clients enjoying all of the fun, function and connectedness that the new library provides.

“The library is thriving.”

The paranaple convention centre and meeting rooms have hosted almost 400 non-council events since opening in September last year, far exceeding expectations.
This includes an average of over one event per week in the Level 3 convention centre.

The largest attendances were for the Devonport Motor Show, AEC early voting centre, Tasmanian Health Service Immunisations, Churches Together event and children’s’ author Morris Gleitzman.

Members of the public and community groups can find more information about hiring a meeting room or conference facility at the

More than 122,000 customers have been served at Service Tasmania since it relocated to the paranaple centre.

Of those transactions, almost 10,000 have specifically been on behalf of Devonport City Council but did not take into account the many visitors that have passed through their doors to simply seek help with a form, make a phone call or just ask a question.

Council’s Acting General Manager Matthew Atkins said the integration of Council services and payments by Service Tasmania had gone better than anticipated.

Mr Atkins said all of Council’s payment-related services, which make up the largest percentage of customer-facing transactions, are now being successfully delivered by Service Tasmania.

He said Council had delivered on its intent to offer ratepayers a continuity of service where they could pay not only their Council payments but also their State Government payments from the one location.

“The community is now beginning to see Service Tasmania as a one-stop shop to complete a diverse range of transactions where they can pay for their licence renewal and rates (at the same time from the same counter).”

“Ratepayers also now have the ability to go into any Service Tasmania outlet and make any of their Council transactions and many people are taking advantage of that.”

Council will celebrate the occasion with an open day in the paranaple convention centre between 3 pm and 5 pm on Friday.

The event will include a jumping castle in the paranaple convention centre for children.

“Obviously, there will be people in the community who have not yet visited the convention centre, and this is an opportunity for them to come in and have a look around with staff on hand to answer any questions,” Mr Atkins said

Architect Neil Appleton, from Lyons Architect, will discuss the new building in the Library’s Living Room gathering on Level One from 10 am on Friday.



Picture Credit:  Lyons with Maddison Architects and Birrelli

Media Contact

Nigel Tapp |Media & Communications Officer Devonport City Council

03 6424 0562 | 0427 132 972 |     





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Art and Tassie produce meet in Vino and the Visual

Experience the Bass Strait Maritime Centre’s Collections in a new light while enjoying Tasmanian produce from Pearl Oyster Bar & Café.

Following from the success of a similar event in July, The Bass Strait Maritime Centre has teamed up with artist Elysium Greene and Pearl Oyster Bar to host another art and wine evening in the museum’s cafe space on Tuesday evening.

No experience in painting is necessary and participants can choose to either follow along with Elysium or create their own piece inspired by the collection items presented, while learning more about the objects themselves.

Bass Strait Maritime Centre Coordinator, Jaydeyn Thomas, is the driving force behind Vino and the Visual said there was a simple reason behind the initiative.

“While art is interesting to me, I would never go to a formal art class at a gallery as it’d be far too intimidating,” she said.

“I hope that a casual approach – a glass of wine in hand and a fun, experienced artist – will give others in the same mindset (as Jayden) the confidence to come along for a fun evening of art and wine with friends.”

The collection item chosen for the second instalment of Vino & The Visual is a wonderful photograph called Sunrise, by A.W. Marshall.

The wide frame image showcases the old Rotunda which was built in 1913 on Victoria Parade.

Vino & The Visual with Elysium Greene
Date: Tuesday 27 August 2019
Duration: 6 – 9 pm
Cost: $60.00, includes all materials and glass of wine on arrival. Further food and drinks available to purchase from Pearl Oyster Bar & Cafe.

Please get in touch with the Centre for further information, and to book. Places are strictly limited.

Media Enquiries:
Sarah Beckett
Bass Strait Maritime Centre Project Officer
P. 6424 7100

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