Financial support for Devonport Farmers and Farm Workers

If you are a farmer, farm worker, farm supplier or farm contractor who is doing it tough due to the drought you may be eligible for a one off payment of up to $3,000. The Salvation Army is delivering assistance through the Australian Governments Drought Community Support Initiative (DCSI – Round 2).  

To be eligible you need to be:

  • Over the age of 18 years
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Live and / or work in the Devonport Local Government Area 7310 postcode
  • Have not already received this payment from The Salvation Army or St Vincent de Paul since 21 November 2019

The maximum amount a household can receive is $3,000.   If more than one eligible household members reside in the same residence, the total assistance provided to the household cannot exceed $3,000.

You can apply for the drought assistance online at or by leaving a message on the 24/7 new application line on 1300 551 030.

The Salvation Army has distributed over $40million of this funding to over 14,000 drought affected households since 21 November 2019, and are distributing over $1.2million every three days.

The payment is not considered taxable income.  If you had assistance in DCSI(Round 1) which concluded on 30 June 2019 you are eligible to apply for assistance for DCSI(Round 2).

Drought Community Support Initiative 2B brochure v6

Eligible Local Government Areas - May 2020

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Ageing Stronger, Active Longer

During Senior Week 2017 Devonport City Council trialed a fitness program for seniors called: Active Stronger, Active Longer. It proved popular and soon became a regular staple class, growing over time to three classes a week with up to 40 people attending at a time!

The low impact sessions are designed to help improve strength, balance and coordination of Senior Citizens.

Sessions include 30-40 minutes of exercise, afternoon tea and occasionally industry guest speakers.

When: Program will return 14 July 2020 at the Devonport Recreation Centre


Devonport Recreation Centre (Table Tennis Building), 34 Forbes Street, Devonport.
East Devonport Recreation and Function Centre, 67 Caroline Street, East Devonport.
Phone: 03 6424 4109

Cost: Gold coin donation per person

Ageing Str...



Devonport City Council Contact


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East Devonport Boot Camp

2016 saw Devonport City Council join with East Devonport Child and Family Centre and Youth, Family and Community Connections to provide a family orientated Boot Camp in East Devonport.

Suitable for families with children aged 5-12years of all abilities, the program includes, games, sport, afternoon tea and the occasional special guests.

Children must be supervised by a parent or guardian, and adults are encouraged to participate.

When: Program currently on hold due to COVID – 19. Usually held – Wednesdays, 3.30-4.30pm East Devonport Recreation and Function Centre – during school terms

Where: East Devonport Recreation and Function Centre, 67 Caroline Street, East Devonport.

Phone: 03 6424 4109


Cost: Free


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Devonport City Council Contact

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Tai Chi for Health and Tai Chi for Health – Beginners

Devonport City Council’s Sport and Recreation Team have run Tai Chi for Health and Tai Chi for Health – Beginners classes since 2018.

The programs:

  • Are suitable for all levels of fitness
  • Improve health and wellness to assist in preventing falls
  • Create strength, balance and improve cardiovascular function
  • Modernised Tai Chi is easy to learn so quick health benefits are gained.

When: Programs will resume 15 July 2020, adhering to Social distancing requirements


Devonport Recreation Centre (Table Tennis Building), 34 Forbes Street Devonport.
Phone: 03 6424 4109

Cost: $2 per person

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Devonport City Council Contact


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Doing Better Together Grant Round 3

Tasmania is 1 of 12 sites around Australia participating in the National Suicide Prevention Trial which will run until 30 June 2020. Funded by the Australian Government, the National Suicide Prevention trial is learning about the role local communities can play in helping to reduce suicide through knowing more about the life factors that contribute to someone taking their own life or attempting suicide.

Tasmania is using the Black Dog Institute’s LifeSpan model, which uses nine evidenced-based strategies aimed at building a community’s ability to help recognise the life situations which put people in crisis and at risk of suicide, and confidence to know how to help someone in crisis and connect them to help and support within the community.

The local government areas participating in the North West Suicide Prevention Trial in North West Tasmania are:

  • Burnie
  • Central Coast
  • Devonport

The North West Suicide Prevention trial will focus on 2 target population groups:

  • Men aged 40-64, and
  • People aged 65 and over.

Community organisations, clubs and community groups play an important role in hosting, supporting and participating in suicide prevention and wellbeing initiatives. The Doing Better Together Grants aim to encourage, engage and empower community organisations to start, or continue, to take steps to implement actions which are important to them to safeguard against the risk of suicide within their communities and to ensure the ongoing wellbeing of their members.

Round 3 closes Tuesday, 10 March 2020. Funding guidelines, application form and local government representative contact details.

Doing Bett...


Devonport City Council Contact

Karen Hampton |Community Services Manager |Devonport City Council  |03 6424 0527 | 

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Long serving community volunteer named Devonport’s Citizen of the Year

Long serving Devonport community volunteer and businesswoman Pat Kent was today named as Devonport’s Citizen of the Year at the city’s annual Australia Day celebrations.

Mrs Kent developed the first canteen at the Spreyton Primary School offering healthy food for students and to raise funds for much needed school equipment. She also implemented improved business practices in the family businesses, guiding both businesses to receive accreditation to Australian standards.

Over several years Pat also served as a volunteer member for the judging panel for Lions Youth of the Year.

Following her retirement Pat joined Probus in 1997 and with two other members developed a new constitution for the club to comply with Incorporation.  She also joined the National Council of Women of Devonport which led to an interest in Local Government.

Mrs Kent is an enthusiastic volunteer member of the Devonport Jazz Taskforce and a volunteer courier for the Devonport Library, delivering books to the housebound for many years.

She has served roles as a community representative for the development of the East

Devonport Community Development Plan 2008, the Tiagarra Special Interest Group,

Devonport Regional Gallery Special Interest Group, the Public Art Special Interest Group Committee, which was formed to develop a Public Art Policy for Devonport in 2010 and the Arts, Culture and Tourism Special Strategic Committee in 2015 and 2016.

Mrs Kent also initiated a public art brochure for Devonport and a community arts project for East Devonport and established the Village People Group in 2015 to raise the profile of East Devonport and lobby Council for improvements to the area which is ongoing.

In 2015 she received a Diamond of Devonport Award and was awarded life membership of Probus in 2017.

Caitlyn Walker’s work in empowering young women saw her named Young Citizen of the Year.

Caitlyn established Girl In Power, a business which aims to reach out to young women by performing interactive talks in schools along the North-West Coast and through its web page.

In partnership with a friend, Caitlyn organised a Gala Ball at the paranaple centre last year to raise funds for Engender Equality, which supports those affected by family violence. The event raised $22,401, which will be used to provide training for Engender Equality staff and ongoing care for those affected by family violence.

The 2019 Oceania and Australian Laser Championships, conducted by the Mersey Yacht Club, in January last year, was named as the Community Event of the Year.

Tasmania hosts the Oceania and Australian Laser Championships event every six years and Devonport was the first venue outside of Hobart to host the event in Tasmania since 1975.

More than 150 competitors from 10 countries and across Australia competed in the event, with some supporters/competitors staying for up to three weeks.  As a result, bed and breakfast operators were booked out for 10 days at a time which also benefited local restaurants and other tourism sites.

It is estimated that Devonport received a $4.7 million economic boost on the back of the championships which drew an estimated 600 visitors boosting accommodation nights throughout the North-West region.

The Mayor, Cr Annette Rockliff, paid tribute to all award winners.

“All recipients – and in fact all nominees – have done their bit to make Devonport a better place to live, work and play,’’ she said.

Cr. Rockliff also welcomed 23 new citizens at the ceremony held in the paranaple convention centre.

Vicki Purnell, the city’s 2020 Australia Day Ambassador, was the guest speaker.

Vicki grew up in the Midlands and on the North-West Coast.

After graduating from the University of Tasmania Vicki taught maths and science in schools on the West and North-West Coasts before retiring in 2012.

In April of 2013 her good friend, Anna Connelly, gave birth to a stillborn baby girl called Bridie.

Utilising her sewing skills, Vicki started a project called Bride’s Blossoms and Blessings to ensure that every miscarried and stillborn baby in Tasmania was clothed and farewelled with respect and dignity.

Vicki’s project has grown to support those with dementia, women undergoing treatment for gynaecological cancer and women and children at a local women’s shelter.

She was recognised for her volunteer work by being named the 2019 Local Hero for Tasmania.

Image: Photo of the award winners with Mayor Annette Rockliff (Robert Sly representing the 2019 Oceania and Australian Laser Championship, Pat Kent the Citizen of the Year and Caitlyn Walker the Young Citizen of the Year) 



Media Contact

Kym Peebles |Executive Manager-Organisational Performance |Devonport City Council  |03 6424 0597 |0477 296 059 | 

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Wildcare-Friends of Devonport Reserves to be launched

A new volunteer group charged with helping to assist with the management of Devonport’s reserves will be launched next week.

Wildcare-Friends of Devonport Reserves will work under guidance from the Devonport City Council and the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service.

It will be the city’s second environmental group following the launch of the Friends of Don Reserve group.

Members of the Friends of Devonport Reserves will undertake activities in areas such as the Don Reserve, Turner Reserve, Mary Binks Wetlands, Don Heads and Kelcey Tier.

Activities will include undertaking flora and fauna surveys, weed removal and other projects, which may also be suggested by members.

Mayor Annette Rockliff said the group was a great way for those with an interest in the local natural environment to engage more deeply with it.

“It is a real opportunity for people to connect with their natural surrounds and experience the full beauty of such areas as well as playing an important role in their ongoing development,” she said.

Cr Rockliff said the launch had been timed to coincide with school holidays as a way of, hopefully, encouraging younger members of the community to become involved.

The launch will begin at the Dell Luck Reserve, beside the Don River Railway on Forth Road, at 2.20 pm on Monday 15 July 2019.

Friends of Devonport Reserves president Shane Pinner said those who became involved would play an important role in helping to protect the city’s major reserves.

“Kelcey Tier is a classic example. It is our largest public asset and we need a mechanism to be able to care and look after it.”

Mr Pinner said participants often found they learnt new skills as well as developing a deeper understanding of the natural environment.

As part of the launch activities fungi enthusiast Herman Anderson will help participants identify local fungi in the area including a search for the ghost fungi, one of the few in the world which glows in the dark.

CAPTION: Wildcare volunteer Jan Hilder, of Devonport, with Council’s Natural Resource Management Officer Phil Hrstich 



Media Contact

Nigel Tapp |Media & Communications Officer |Devonport City Council

03 6424 0562 | 0427 132 972 | 

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Mature trees in Roundhouse Park to remain

Following an arborist’s inspection most of the mature trees in Roundhouse Park will be retained as part of the Waterfront Park project, including the historic English Elms near the fire station and the Canadian Poplar tree, planted in about 1984, near Joe and Enid Lyons’ busts.

The future of the poplar was particularly in question – with many residents concerned that it might be removed – but Council has now received an arborist’s report confirming it was safe and in good health.

In total 41 trees are earmarked to be removed as part of the new Waterfront Park, with 132 new trees to be planted. In addition, a small number of trees will be transplanted to alternative locations.

The new trees will generally be reasonably advanced and in the range of three metres to six metres high, depending on the species, when planted.

Maintaining the original design intent, new tree species will be native to Tasmania.

The Mayor, Cr Annette Rockliff, said the trees that are to be removed were predominately located near the proposed elevated walkway north east of the intersection of Best Street and Formby Road

Cr Rockliff said Council engaged an arborist to assess all the existing trees earlier this year and the information provided was used by the landscape architect and the design team to finalise the construction drawings.

“Council took a proactive approach towards the trees and sought professional advice to be confident that all the trees were safe and had an adequate life span,’’ she said.

A copy of the arborist’s report, along with the complete tree removal plan, is available on the LIVING CITY website, by clicking here.

Changes identified as a result of community consultations into the Waterfront Parkland design have now been completed and final construction drawings have been provided to the short-listed contractors for pricing.

The changes include improvements to the safety of the pedestrian crossings, additional parallel parking along Formby Road and additional seating and enhancements for public events.

The tender process will take about two months to complete with the successful contractor likely to be announced in late August.



Media Contact

Nigel Tapp |Media & Communications Officer |Devonport City Council

03 6424 0562 | 0427 132 972 |

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