LIVING CITY Sound and Light Show

The Devonport City Council is lifting the curtain on an exciting new tourism and public art proposal for the region as part of its LIVING CITY urban renewal program.

The LIVING CITY Sound and Light show concept will create a new experience to be located within the Waterfront Park precinct, that responds to the magnificent and unique landscapes of the north west region as the inspiration for a vibrant and engaging experience through sound and light. Council engaged internationally renowned creative consultancy firm Mandylights to develop the concept for the show and the technical infrastructure required to realise this vision in Devonport.

Mandylights Ceative Director, Richard Neville, said “Devonport and the city’s surrounds are host to some of Australia’s most wild, unique, and diverse landscapes – both natural and man-made. Any visual performance should therefore be a celebration of the immense beauty of the local land, its people and history.

We propose a unique light, visual and sculptural performance in four acts that exalts the beauty of the alpine regions, poppy and pastoral fields, the city of Devonport and the importance of the Mersey and Don Rivers as they flow into Bass Strait. The show shall serve as an ‘overture’ to the immense experiences that await visitors; welcoming them and offering a taste of the region.”

In addition the creation of this initial, immersive experience the technical infrastructure required to deliver this project will also support the ongoing development of new and unique sound and light shows to support events, community celebrations and other special commissions celebrating the unique and diverse communities and cultures from across the region.

“The sound and light show is all about creating a must-see night time attraction which will entice more visitors to stay overnight in this region. Initial studies undertaken as part of LIVING CITY identified the lack of quality night time attractions on the Coast and highlighted significant benefit from having an attraction that will convert just a small percentage of day trippers into overnight stays. Obviously, that benefits the local economy and importantly creates jobs which is a fundamental principle of LIVING CITY”, said Devonport Mayor Cr Annette Rockliff.

With an estimated construction cost of $3M, Council is actively engaging with key funding partners to assist in realising this vision. Respected firm HillPDA have undertaken an economic benefit analysis of the project proposal and estimate that the project will grow expenditure in the local tourism sector by $4.4M annually, with additional benefits
flowing to the regional economy during the initial construction phase. The analysis highlights that the Sound and Light Show will provide an important new night-time attractor for the region and assist with transitioning existing day visitation to longer overnight stays resulting in expanded economic activity.

The best way to view this information about the Sound and Light Show, and to gain a better understanding of this immersive experience, is to watch the video found at the LIVING CITY webpage

Media Contact:
Jacqui Surtees |Executive Coordinator |Devonport City Council
03 6424 0560 | 0427 132 972 |
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COVID-19 impacts highlighted in Council’s Annual Report

The Devonport City Council today released its 2019/20 Annual Report, which highlighted two distinct halves of the financial year, pre and post COVID-19.

Devonport Mayor Annette Rockliff acknowledged the challenges of 2020 as unprecedented on a global scale.

Mayor Rockliff said she was proud of Council’s support for residents, local businesses and community groups in the face of the uncertain impacts of COVID-19, through rates, rent and fees relief, and new online art and fitness programs.

“I am also extremely proud of  how we have responded as a city to the challenges of COVID-19, and the spirit of our community has remained  strong as we work towards recovery,” Mayor Rockliff said.

“This year has forced us, as a council, to reflect on our vision and our priorities. As  individuals, it also forced many of us to pause, to slow down and stay home.

“We all had to find a new normal. This year has brought  many challenges, but one of  the most effective ways to stimulate the local economy is  through generating  construction works.”

Mayor Rockliff said major milestones were achieved during the year with Council’s  ambitious LIVING CITY strategy, with site works commencing on the $15 million Waterfront Park redevelopment and the privately funded $40 million Waterfront Hotel.

“It has been fantastic to see these developments starting to take shape and progressing even throughout this uncertain period,” she said.

“Before COVID-19, Devonport unveiled a rich range of community events in the latter half of 2019, including the Devonport Jazz Festival, Devonport Food and Wine, the Christmas Parade, New Year’s Eve celebrations and the Festival of Learning.”

Devonport City Council General Manager Matthew Atkins said with the reported February financial forecast indicating a small surplus of $52,000, Council was on track to meet its budgeted operating result.

However, with the onset of COVID-19, Mr Atkins said this position rapidly deteriorated over coming months, with the final nett operating result for the year ending 30 June 2020 being a deficit of $1.3 million.

“Fortunately, Council has capacity to sustain this loss without the need to borrow for cashflow purposes, due to its sound financial position and sufficient cash reserves,” Mr Atkins said.

“The net worth of Council as at 30 June 2020 was $565 million up from $556 million in 2019. This is predominantly made up of Council’s investment in property and community infrastructure worth $514 million and Council’s ownership in TasWater of $76 million. Debt reduced from $51.8 million to $50.01 million in line with anticipated principal and interest repayments detailed in the Long Term Financial Management Plan.

“Without question, COVID-19 has tested Council as it has organisations the world over, however, from this pressure has evolved much innovation and improvement. Council’s digital transformation continues to change the way we operate and how people do business with us.”

Mr Atkins said live streaming of Council meetings commenced in May providing greater opportunity for members of the public to engage with the decision making processes of Council. Copies of Council’s 2019/2020 Annual Report are now available at Council’s Customer Service Centre, Level 2, paranaple centre and on Council’s website at

Submissions on the Annual Report are invited and should be delivered to the General Manager by Tuesday 3 November 2020 to permit them to be listed for discussion at the Annual General Meeting on Monday 9 November. The AGM is being held in the convention centre, Level 3, paranaple centre, 137 Rooke Street, Devonport, at 5.30 pm.

To comply with COVID-19 safety requirements, registration is essential and can be made by contacting Council at or on 6424 0511 by 12 noon on Monday, 9 November.

Media Contact:
Jacqui Surtees |Executive Coordinator |Devonport City Council
03 6424 0560 | 0427 132 972 |
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Finalists for National Art Award tidal.20 announced

The finalists of the tidal.20: City of Devonport National Art Award have been announced.
The Award, now in its nineth instalment after the inaugural competition in 2004, attracted 162 entries, one of the highest number of entries in the Award’s history.

Of these, 40 works were preselected to be included in the finalists’ exhibition by a judging panel consisting of Janet Carding, Director of Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Patrick Sutczak, Associate Lecturer in Art, School of Creative Arts UTAS and Deborah Malor, Honorary Associate, Visual Arts and Design, Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery
Convention and Arts Centre Director Geoff Dobson said the preselection was very competitive and he congratulates the following preselected artists: Raymond Arnold, Ashley Bird, Liz Braid, Amanda Charge, Glen Clarke, Susanna Coleman-Brown, Janine Combes, Rebecca Coote, Louise Daniels, Selena de Carvalho, Richard Dunlop, Kylie Elkington, David Hamilton, Robyn Harman, Andy Hutson, Eloise Kirk, Nigel Lazenby, Kevin Lund, Penny Mason, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Milan Milojevic, Chris Morgan, Anne Morrison, Matthew Newton, Ciara O’Meara, Joanna Pinkiewicz, Sarah Rhodes, Jasmine Kiyomi Roe-Bose, Dexter Rosengrave, Troy Ruffels, Susan Simonini, Cheryl Sims, Melissa Smith, David Stephenson, Suze van der Beek, Martin Walch, Mary Wilson, Philip Wolfhagen, Steve Woodbury and Katy Woodroffe.

The $15,000 major acquisitive award is open to artists who reside or have a strong connection with Tasmania. The award is sponsored by the Devonport City Council and the Devonport Regional Gallery Friends Committee. The Peoples’ Choice Award will be announced at the close of the exhibition and the artist will receive $1,000, courtesy of One Agency Collins Real Estate.
Mr Dobson said tidal aimed to encourage contemporary practice with strength of concept, innovation, and execution of two-and three-dimensional artwork. He said the theme was open to a range of interpretation regarding tides and living by the water, be it personal, environmental, political or of cultural nature.
The announcement of the winning artist will be made at the opening on Friday 4 December 2020.

Due to social distancing measures, the opening will be by invitation only, and the exhibition will open to the public on Saturday 5 December.

tidal.20: City of Devonport National Art Award Finalists Exhibition will open at the Devonport Regional Gallery, at the paranaple arts centre, on 5 December and continues until Saturday 30 January 2020.
Dates and times of special events:
Opening and announcement of Award Winner: Friday 4 December
Exhibition Dates: 5 December 2020 – 31 January 2021
Judges’ floor talks Saturday 5 December 2020

Media Contact:
Geoff Dobson |Director |paranaple arts centre
03 6424 0577 | 0419 505 838 |
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Council to consider Expression of Interest for use of the former Devonport Regional Gallery

The Devonport City Council at its October meeting will consider an expression of interest from a peak Tasmanian arts organisation to relocate their operation to Devonport.

RANT Arts is currently based in Launceston. They act as a creative producer, facilitator, administrator and advocate for the arts.

Nathan Tucker, Co-Director of RANT, presented an expression of interest to Council for the relocation of RANT from Launceston to Devonport. RANT specifically approached Council for the use of the former Devonport Regional Gallery at 45-47 Stewart Street.
The premises have been vacant since November 2018, when the Gallery relocated to the paranaple arts centre.

RANT manage a number of specific arts projects, devised to increase capacity within regional areas, and provide community cultural development opportunities for people living in regional communities. Key priorities for RANT include regional arts, youth arts and health, and disability and wellbeing in the arts.

RANT’s relocation to Devonport is seen as an opportunity to leverage the benefits an independent arts organisation would provide the City. Benefits include raising the profile of Devonport as an arts active city; provision of support and resources for local artists and activators to deliver cultural activity; delivery of innovative arts projects focussed on the community engagement and participation; and, facilitation of pathways, partnership and communication channels for the creative industries and young people in the region.

The benefits directly align with a range of aims identified in Devonport City Council’s 2009 – 2030 Strategic Plan, including the aims listed under Goal 4, Building Quality of Life.

The expression of interest will be considered at the Council Meeting on Monday 26 October 2020.

Media Contact:
Jacqui Surtees |Executive Coordinator |Devonport City Council
03 6424 0560 | 0427 132 972 |
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Devonport Christmas Events Update

Devonport City Council will be celebrating Christmas a little differently this year, with fun, family friendly activities and events planned to be held throughout the City during December.

A report will be considered at the upcoming Council meeting on Monday 26 October, detailing an update on the events planned for December.

Council, in conjunction with a number of community groups and service organisations, is planning a number of activities, programs and events which will provide for Christmas festivities to be enjoyed throughout the City. The community can look forward to a Christmas lights festival, free family movies on the big screen, a Santa tour through Devonport, the traditional Christmas tree panels in the mall, the Don Twilight Christmas Market and festive window displays. There will also be online activities and competitions including an online pet parade.

COVID-19 has impacted many events throughout the state, and at the August Council meeting it was determined to cancel the usual Devonport New Year’s Eve event, and also to cancel the 2020 Christmas Parade should the capacity of outdoor events not be lifted from 500 people, before the necessary planning commences.

Whilst the State Government recently announced the capacity of outdoor events being lifted from 500 to 1,000 people, this is still insufficient to support the scheduling of a Christmas parade, which typically attracts several thousand patrons. Social Distancing requirements are still in place, and these would have a significant impact on the ability to run the parade safely and impact on the enjoyment of the community.

Discussions and planning are still underway for the events to be held in December, and a calendar of events and further information will be released in November.

Media Contact:
Jacqui Surtees |Executive Coordinator |Devonport City Council
03 6424 0560 | 0427 132 972 |
Media Contact:
Jacqui Surtees |Executive Coordinator |Devonport City Council
03 6424 0560 | 0427 132 972 |
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Devonport Australia Day 2021

Nominations for Devonport City Council’s 2021 Australia Day Awards are now open.

Australia Day is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the contribution that every Australian makes to the nation, and in 2021 the theme is ‘Reflect, Respect, Celebrate’; we reflect on our history, we respect the stories of others and we celebrate our nation, its achievements and its people.

Devonport residents and ratepayers are encouraged to nominate worthy individuals who have made a significant and positive contribution to the Devonport community.

Devonport City Council Mayor Annette Rockliff said whilst it has been a challenging year, the awards present a timely opportunity to reflect and celebrate local residents who deserve to be recognised for their contribution to the community.

“There are many people within our community who do great things, and often those people go unnoticed. If you know someone who deserves to be recognised for their contribution, I encourage you to nominate them for one of the three categories available.”
Award categories include Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year and Community Event of the Year Award.

“This is a way that we can acknowledge, congratulate and say ‘thank you’ to the unsung heroes in our community,” said Mayor Rockliff.

The Awards are open to residents and/or ratepayers of the Devonport local government area.

Young Citizen of the Year nominees must be aged under 30 years on 26 January 2021.
Nominations can be submitted online here or by completing a nomination form available from Council’s Customer Service Centre, Level 2 , paranaple centre.

Nominations will be open until 5pm, Wednesday, 2 December 2020.


Media Contact:
Jacqui Surtees |Executive Coordinator |Devonport City Council
03 6424 0560 | 0427 132 972 |
Media Contact:
Jacqui Surtees |Executive Coordinator |Devonport City Council
03 6424 0560 | 0427 132 972 |


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Commuter Cafe

Cycling to work is one of the easiest and most time-efficient ways to fit exercise into a daily routine, plus it helps the environment and you save money on petrol!

It’s a win-win for everyone, however despite the obvious benefits in cycling to work, there often never seems to be a good time to start doing it. Devonport City Council hopes to make that decision a little bit easier, by providing a free nutritious breakfast for cycling commuters at the Commuter Café.

Council successfully applied for a grant from Healthy Tasmania to set up the Commuter Café, with the aim of improving health and wellbeing outcomes for the community. In addition to a healthy breakfast, guest speakers may also attend on occasion to provide information and advice.

Devonport Mayor, Councillor Annette Rockliff, said “Breakfast at the Commuter Café will be a great way to start the day. If you are an experienced rider, perhaps now is the perfect time to encourage a work colleague, family member or friend to join you in cycling to work and then enjoy breakfast together. If you are new to cycling, it could be a great opportunity to start a new healthy habit and to make new friends.”

Commencing on National Ride to Work Day on Wednesday 21st October 2020, the Commuter Café will run every second Wednesday until 3 March 2021, at Pinctada Kitchen, shop 1 Providore Place, with breakfast available between 7:00am-8:30am.

To secure your spot, please register through Eventbrite.

Media Contact:
Jacqui Surtees |Executive Coordinator |Devonport City Council
03 6424 0560 | 0427 132 972 |

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Dog Education BBQ at Coles Beach

Devonport City Council has partnered with Birdlife Australia to run an educational session on controlling dogs at the beach.
Dogs make a valuable contribution to our families and the local community, and exercising dogs on the beach is a great way for people to maintain fitness and wellbeing. However, all dog owners have certain responsibilities, and at this session experts from Birdlife Australia, Devonport City Council and the Devonport Dogs home will discuss the importance of dog control in our sensitive coastal wildlife areas.
The session will be held on Saturday 10th October at the BBQ area at Coles Beach commencing at 12:30pm. There will be a free BBQ, and treats will be available for your furry friends if they are on a lead. Due to COVID-19 there is a maximum limit of 30 people, with a limit of 2 dogs per person. Bookings are essential and can be made by phoning Council on 64240 511.
Media Contact:
Jacqui Surtees |Executive Coordinator |Devonport City Council
03 6424 0560 | 0427 132 972 |

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