BJORN AGAIN – 30th Anniversary Concert

Bjorn Again are celebrating their 30th Anniversary and you invited to the party!

This world famous and much-loved ABBA show was established in Melbourne Australia in 1988 and has performed over 7000 shows in 100 countries world-wide. The act is widely regarded as the most successful tribute band of all time and is proudly endorsed by ABBA.

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A Celtic Christmas – by A Taste of Ireland

The team at ‘A Taste of Ireland’ bring their seasonal production, ‘A Celtic Christmas’ to Tasmania for the very first time.

Witness the very best World Champions of Irish dance take to the stage for a magical night of tunes, taps and tradition as they tell the story of two star crossed lovers. Immerse yourself in an authentic Celtic experience by laughing, clapping and singing along to carols under the mistletoe. With an all new story, ‘A Celtic Christmas’ transports the audience to a time and place where music and dance are the cornerstones of celebration.

The show features ballads and tunes from across the Irish counties and provinces. The performance fuses contemporary and heartfelt airs to tell a romantic tale as old as time. Dazzling feet meet moments of Irish wit in this unforgettable night of storytelling and entertainment.

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Ross Noble: Humournoid

What happens when pure comedy takes human form?
What happens when a creature is created and bred to do stand-up?
Nobody knows because that isn’t a thing.
What is a thing is Ross Noble doing a show.
You can come and see.
This is it at the paranaple arts centre.

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Akmal: Open for Renovations

After almost 30 years of success and laughs, Akmal will present his new show ‘Open For Renovations’.

Have you always wanted a perfect body, with rock hard abbs and buns of steel without ever getting out of bed?
Imagine having enough confidence to get out of your car during a road rage incident that wasn’t your fault, instead of apologising and cowardly driving off as quickly as you can.
If you have ever wanted to be so financially wealthy that you could pay Rupert Murdoch to drop his pants and perform a silly dance while singing in a high pitch voice, just for a laugh.
Well in this one-hour show, Akmal will be asking the audience if they know how he can achieve these things.

PGR 15+

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Melinda Schneider: A Farewell to Doris

A tribute to the legendary Doris Day, starring Melinda Schneider
Melinda Schneider returns to the stage to pay tribute to the legendary Doris Day.
Doris was a legend of stage, screen and song, died aged 97, leaving behind an incredible body of work, including iconic movies and unforgettable songs.
This nostalgic concert celebration will feature the Young At Heart Orchestra and include timeless hits as Que Sera, Sera, Sentimental Journey, Everybody Loves a Lover and Secret Love plus classic songs from the movies Calamity Jane, Love Me or Leave Me and The Pajama Game, as well as a number of Doris’ big band standards.

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John Waters – Dylan Revisited Australian Tour 2019

Abstract Entertainment presents a tribute to Bob Dylan as distinct as the man himself as one of Australia’s leading singers brings you his unique perspective on the work of the greatest living songwriter.

John Waters is revisiting the illustrious Bob Dylan songbook. Hear the songs that changed the world, performed by an artist whose world was changed by Dylan’s songs.

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Mamma Mia the Concert

The Ten Sopranos – Mamma Mia the Concert

A masterful and exciting concert with new vocal and symphonic harmonies. The Ten Sopranos bring to life the very best of ABBA in all their glory.
You’ll be dancing in the aisles or just sitting back in amazement at the vocal magic of the most powerful all-female group in Australia.  This concert promises more than just a singalong to some of the best songs of our generation. It will stay true to the original melodies of Agnetha and Anni-Frid but with ten times the power, ten times the passion and ten times the grandness.

This group is led by the acclaimed Penny Pavlakis, one of the most decorated singers over the last 20 years, who is regarded by her peers as “The Singers’ Singer”. And with a working history with the who’s who of the International music scene and over 10,000 performances across the globe, she brings star power to the stage very few can bring.  If you like ABBA, world class singing and vocal magic, then this is the concert you should not miss.  All the sopranos have been handpicked to deliver a concert of epic proportions.

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The Sapphires

The Sapphires is one of the Australia’s best-loved stories. Winning multiple awards as a play, film and soundtrack album there was one challenge left and that was to undertake a national tour of Australia. Bringing the raw energy, fun and emotion of this story directly to the paranple arts centre’s stage for the first time.

Writer Tony Briggs will direct his work in a version he promises will be the most intimate telling of The Sapphires story yet. “I hope the audience will feel a fresh sense of connection to a story that has already successfully infiltrated the psyche of the Australian theatre and movie going public and get a sense of joy and understanding of who Aboriginal people are and walk away from ‘The Sapphires’ with a smile on their faces. Said Tony. Four young women from regional Australia, who like singing country music, suddenly get the chance to change their tune, their clothes and their lives. Wearing uniforms of sequins, armed only with microphones they find themselves trying to spread joy in the hell that is the Vietnam War.

The Sapphires is a funny, heart-warming tale inspired by the true story of writer Tony Brigg’s mother. It tells of the incredible journey of a singing group of four Yorta Yorta Women, who sing Motown soul hits against the backdrop of personal change and massive social upheaval. It is an energetic, fun and engaging play that affirms life and the realisation of dreams.

Patron Advice:  Suitable for ages 7+. Some adult themes, simulated warfare and a small amount of course language.

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Possum Magic

For more than 30 years, Mem Fox’s Possum Magic has captivated and enchanted young people all over Australia. Grandma Poss loves making magic. She makes wombats blue and kookaburras pink. She makes dingoes smile and emus shrink. But one day, when danger arrives in the form of a snake, Grandma uses her most magical spell to make Hush invisible. Hush has many wonderful adventures. But being invisible isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and Hush longs to see herself again.

One problem. Grandma Poss can’t find the spell to make Hush visible again. And then she remembers…this particular magic requires something more, something special, something to do with food…people food

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Kasey Chambers – The Captain 20th Anniversary Tour

Twenty years ago Kasey Chambers released her ground-breaking debut album ‘The Captain’. It was a pivotal record that remains the cornerstone of her outstanding career.

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of The Captain, Kasey performs a very special concert, sentimentally reforming her original band, playing songs from The Captain album, alongside a “best of her career set”. A performance not to be missed.

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