Young Artists at Devonport Library

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You will explore different materials, topics and understand the importance of the finished work. Ages 7+ Bookings essential. Questions: 03 6478 4230 As this program is currently modified to meet public gathering restrictions, we have limited spaces available. We ask that you please register here, or call your local library if you need help making […]

Exhibition: Modern Sublime


Little Gallery Exhibition: Modern Sublime Traditionally, the ‘sublime’ has referred to feelings of awe inspired by nature. However, in the 20th century, the notion of the industrial sublime emerged – the feeling of awe induced by machines, technology and progress. Modern Sublime explores this idea, with focus on the Edgell factory. Devonport was once the largest processor of […]

Exhibition: The Natural Estate: Laura Gillam, Joey Gracia & Callum Donoghue

The Natural Estate

Little Gallery Exhibition: The Natural Estate: Laura Gillam, Joey Gracia & Callum Donoghue In the peak of Tasmania’s tourism boom, The Natural Estate explores the alternate narratives and landscapes neglected by glossy pamphlets and travel magazines. It questions the popular representations of Tasmania as an island of dreams and possibilities, abundant with pristine wilderness and […]

Exhibition: Shattered: Anne O’Connor


Little Gallery Exhibition: Shattered: Anne O’Connor Shattered glass, graffiti, abandonment, the Royal Derwent is no more. As walls crumble and glass shatters, nothingness is left to signify the many who called this place home. Where are they, the lost, uprooted and vanished people of the Derwent? Image Credit: Anne O’Connor, Routine, Demolition, Exit, 2019, photograph. […]

Exhibition: Here at the Earth’s End


Upper Gallery Exhibition: Here at the Earth’s End Here at the Earth’s End features artists from the Devonport City Council permanent collection who act as both artists and activists through their practice, whether in relation to environmental, social or political issues of Tasmania’s past, present and future. These artists present the Tasmanian landscape as the […]

Artist Talk: On Belonging(s)

Artist Talk - On Belonging(s)

Exhibition: On Belonging(s) Join artists from the exhibition On Belonging(s) for a preview tour of the exhibition, before the official opening at 6pm. Artists: Alex Davern, Liam James, Amber Koroluk-Stephenson, Jessie Pangas Curated by Erin Wilson

Exhibition: On Belonging(s)

On Belongings

Exhibition: On Belonging(s) On Belonging(s) brings together four Tasmanian artists who are exploring how we attach value to objects, and the role they play in the stories we tell about ourselves, both individually and communally. On Belonging(s) is a reflection on how we construct our identity, connect ourselves to place and engage with our possessions, […]

Exhibition: Threads of Childhoods Past

Threads of childhoods Past

Little Gallery Exhibition Two artists with a shared childhood growing up in the remote area of Trowutta in the far North West coast of Tasmania in the 1950s and early 1960s have created art works based on their reflections of that time. Exploring memories and their strong connection to family, place and values was central […]

Exhibition: Uncanny


Strange, mysterious and unsettling works from the Devonport City Council Permanent Collection.