Public comment sought on Dog Management Policy

dog agility area in devonport

The Devonport City Council has released its revised Dog Management Policy for public comment.

The Mayor Cr Annette Rockliff said while the policy was not due for review until June 2021, the identification of a number of anomalies meant it was decided a formal review was required earlier.

Cr Rockliff said the policy outlined Council’s approach and responsibilities for dog management and control.

She said Council was committed to promoting responsible dog ownership.

“Dog ownership has many important benefits to the community through companionship, health promotion, general well-being as well as their use as working dogs,” she said.

“But all dog owners have a legal and ethical responsibility to their dogs and to the wider community.   Irresponsible dog ownership can affect the physical and social environment of other residents.”

Cr Rockliff said the Dog Management Policy was provided to assist dog owners to minimise any negative impacts on the community.

It is also designed to provide information on responsible dog ownership, identify areas within the municipal area which are available for exercising dogs and areas where dogs are restricted or prohibited.

The policy also outlines Council’s approach and responsibilities for dog management and control.

A copy of the policy can be found at the Speak up Devonport tab on Council’s website at

Members of the public have until 4 p.m. on Tuesday 10 September to provide their feedback on the form provided on the Speak Up Devonport page or can click here.

Written responses can also be emailed to


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