Bluff Beach – accessible ramp

Project Details:

Project Name:
Bluff Beach Accessible Ramp
Proposed Status:
Previous Status:
Construction in 2020/21
Proposed Budget:
Project Objective:
Provide more consistently available accessible path to Bluff Beach
Project Justification:
The existing beach ramp is frequently covered by shingle and the removal is a manual process.  To guarantee access to the beach via the existing ramp would require an ongoing large operational budget allocation.  A lower cost long term option would be to construct a new ramp
Project Scope: 
A preliminary investigation has identified that a new ramp could be constructed to the east side of the Bluff Plaza.  However, specialist advice would be sought as part of the design.  The new ramp may be constructed of lightweight materials similar to the access ramp in East Devonport.

Project Photos: