Parmi Day raised $335 for local dog charities


Parmi Day raised $335 for local dog charities

A group of young people in Devonport have done their bit to support the work of the Devonport RSPCA and Devonport Dogs Home with a fundraising Parmi Drive.

Participants of the Square Peg Project raised $335 by selling chicken parmigiana to Devonport City Council staff.

 It is the second time participants have used the popular dinner dish to fundraise for a worthy cause. Last year they created the idea to do a Parma for a Farmer and $245 was raised for flood affected farmers in Queensland.

The Square Peg Project is an initiative for young people – including those disengaged from education and employment – which aims to increase their knowledge, skills, self-esteem, wellbeing, health and fitness through a fun, no cost and accessible physical fitness and wellbeing program.

It supports the establishment and maintenance of positive relationships, social connections, healthy eating and physical fitness behaviours, through self-empowering young people.

Key components of the program are physical activity and healthy meal preparation and eating.

It is based at the Devonport Recreation Centre which offers two kitchens, stadium, meeting room, gym, parking and open spaces.

The project is coordinated by Devonport City Council and delivered using shared staff resources with Space Learning.

It allows young people to participate in 30 minutes of recreational activity followed by them learning how to cook nutritious meals with the participants being able to take home food at the end of the Tuesday sessions.

Nic Page, Program Manager-Space Learning, said: “The engagement & participation from our attendees to the program has been fantastic. This program has helped them engage and develop in life skills that might not have been able to be achieved without the professionalism and involvement from Council staff.”

Mayor Annette Rockliff praised the initiative of the young people to not only seek to raise money for a worthy cause but to also be willing to put in the time required to make it happen.

“It is heartening to see young people actively seeking to make things better for others within their community by committing to such fundraising efforts,” she said.


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