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New Development Application for Waterfront hotel


New Development Application for Waterfront hotel

The Devonport City Council has confirmed it has received a new Development Application for the Waterfront hotel, a private development being undertaken Fairbrother Pty Ltd.

Devonport Mayor Cr Annette Rockliff said she was excited that Fairbrother had the confidence to upsize its original proposal.

“This level of investment is exactly the type of private investment that the LIVING CITY project has sought to attract to Devonport. A larger hotel, obviously, means more jobs, more tourists and more opportunity for the city and region,” Cr Rockliff said.

Cr Rockliff said she understood that the building size has not increased, and it would look the same as the original design, although the residential apartments on the top two floors had been replaced with hotel rooms.”

She said a new Development Application, which was advertised today and can be found here, had been made to Council by the developer for the proposed changes, which will be subject to the normal planning assessment process.

CAPTION: The site of the proposed Waterfront hotel.


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