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Mayor’s Message – 05 November 2019


Mayor’s Message – 05 November 2019

Work to construct the children’s memorial pavilion at the Mersey Vale Memorial Park, at Spreyton, is underway.

This project includes a central tree which will be planted and surrounded by small seating blocks and garden beds in a circular arrangement with segmenting partition walls available for ash interment and memorial plaques.

Footpaths will provide access to the raised pavilion area that will cover a central seat.

The wing walls supporting the roof structure will also accommodate ash interment and memorial balloon shaped, coloured plaques.

A glass balustrade will be installed on top of the retaining wall at the northern end of the pavilion allowing safe access to the northern views.


At its monthly meeting last week, Council approved two road contracts valued at about $480,000.

The Stewart Street renewal, from Williams Street to Gunn Street, involves the construction of a new kerb and channel, driveway improvements, pavement and seal and the installation of street trees.

An allowance of $20,000 has been allocated to undertake the renewal of footpaths. This work was omitted from the tender, but it was later considered that renewing parts of the footpath would deliver a better outcome.

Stage 1 of the renewal of pavement and seal of the rural section of Winspears Road was completed in March and the second stage continues the work to Council’s eastern boundary.

Initially it was assumed that the remaining section of road would be renewed in two sections over two financial years.

However, the tendered rates allow the entire remaining section to be completed for a cost only marginally in excess of the available budget.

Cr Annette Rockliff