LIVING CITY Sound and Light Show


LIVING CITY Sound and Light Show

The Devonport City Council is lifting the curtain on an exciting new tourism and public art proposal for the region as part of its LIVING CITY urban renewal program.

The LIVING CITY Sound and Light show concept will create a new experience to be located within the Waterfront Park precinct, that responds to the magnificent and unique landscapes of the north west region as the inspiration for a vibrant and engaging experience through sound and light. Council engaged internationally renowned creative consultancy firm Mandylights to develop the concept for the show and the technical infrastructure required to realise this vision in Devonport.

Mandylights Ceative Director, Richard Neville, said “Devonport and the city’s surrounds are host to some of Australia’s most wild, unique, and diverse landscapes – both natural and man-made. Any visual performance should therefore be a celebration of the immense beauty of the local land, its people and history.

We propose a unique light, visual and sculptural performance in four acts that exalts the beauty of the alpine regions, poppy and pastoral fields, the city of Devonport and the importance of the Mersey and Don Rivers as they flow into Bass Strait. The show shall serve as an ‘overture’ to the immense experiences that await visitors; welcoming them and offering a taste of the region.”

In addition the creation of this initial, immersive experience the technical infrastructure required to deliver this project will also support the ongoing development of new and unique sound and light shows to support events, community celebrations and other special commissions celebrating the unique and diverse communities and cultures from across the region.

“The sound and light show is all about creating a must-see night time attraction which will entice more visitors to stay overnight in this region. Initial studies undertaken as part of LIVING CITY identified the lack of quality night time attractions on the Coast and highlighted significant benefit from having an attraction that will convert just a small percentage of day trippers into overnight stays. Obviously, that benefits the local economy and importantly creates jobs which is a fundamental principle of LIVING CITY”, said Devonport Mayor Cr Annette Rockliff.

With an estimated construction cost of $3M, Council is actively engaging with key funding partners to assist in realising this vision. Respected firm HillPDA have undertaken an economic benefit analysis of the project proposal and estimate that the project will grow expenditure in the local tourism sector by $4.4M annually, with additional benefits
flowing to the regional economy during the initial construction phase. The analysis highlights that the Sound and Light Show will provide an important new night-time attractor for the region and assist with transitioning existing day visitation to longer overnight stays resulting in expanded economic activity.

The best way to view this information about the Sound and Light Show, and to gain a better understanding of this immersive experience, is to watch the video found at the LIVING CITY webpage

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